The sinkhole happened at the crack of a bat. It was with the baseball player’s swing, in a perfect collision of wood to stitches, that […]

She Is Not Mine

Girls leave boys all the time. When Shiku said she was leaving me, I cleared my throat and said, “Leave the keys on the windowsill, […]

A love story

I am trying to write a story—a love story—about a man and a woman I know. I’ll call them Satoshi and Yuriko. I am writing and erasing, writing and erasing. Sometimes I think I should stop trying. Or write instead in Japanese. But if so, how to title the story?

Conrad Whom I Don’t Care About

I open my eyes that morning and see Dan’s head.


Memories? The memory is of nothing. The memory is of abortion and not-being. What was it that I had said about the repulsion of the […]

Red Light

They say that red light is more calming for safari animals. The exit signs are red.   The conductor came by to take my ticket. […]

Something Other

Deborah was a rebel child before she met me. You can see it in the old photographs. The one I love best is taped to […]


Carmen is the one who finds Sarah’s body. It is in the shed beside the dock behind the blackened burnt shell of a house in […]

Children With Playthings

“My cousin Jeannie has a nose like a e-le-phant!” It’s true — Jeannie the Meanie does have a nose like an e-le-phant. But no one […]

Octavian Love Letters

Hail. Everybody hail Augustus. Augustus, who didn’t need glasses; Augustus, my friend. Augustus and I haven’t spoken in ten years, and he is not missing. […]


They appeared in the night. Milo heard them first, from outside of his bedroom window — a low buzz, deep buzz, a buzz that sank […]