Sunlight. The room is touched with yellow. She rolls over. She is fourteen and her bed is covered in eyelets, a bedspread bought when she […]

The Sleuths Will See You Now

Like the décor of my old pediatrician’s waiting room, the design of the Insect Inquiry Office at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES) kindly informs you of […]

Exclusive Offer: Upgrade Today

What picture? Daddy sent you a picture message this morning? Must have gotten one of his friends in line there to take a picture of […]

Isabel is Already Awake

Isabel is already awake. Her comforter lies heaped on the floor, bottom end folded under the mattress (as always). Peter lies naked on her bare […]


Stepping down into the bar Tagore’s, I found before him two small cups of port already poured. He wore red pants and a white tunic, […]

To Each His Own Odyssey

Oliver is going to be a paleontologist one day, but Mrs. D. doesn’t believe it. Oliver talks to her about the dinosaur fossils that are […]

Mr. Howard’s Frisbee

[media-credit name=”Karen Tian” align=”alignnone” width=”300″][/media-credit]We’re in the backyard when Mr. Howard pulls into the driveway. It is 5:15 in the evening; it is Memorial Day; […]

Pai Contra

  When I was a boy and first upset by the strange filthy-looking people who paraded about our streets, asking for things, my father explained […]

Small Orange Circles

It was Anthony who first told me the Sun would explode. He said he’d seen it in a magazine. (Or a book, he couldn’t remember. […]

The Window Seat

I was wearing my sky blue sweater, with an open weave like twine. It’s not actually what I’m wearing, but it’s what I should be […]

Hip Bones

6 Daddy enters the echoing stone house with sharp thick too loud noises. Eve still sits on the floor in the growing dark of the […]