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The News' COVID-19 dashboard is based on data from the Yale COVID-19 Statistics webpage, which reflects data for both Yale's asymptomatic testing program as well as tests given to symptomatic students. Yale's data is generally delayed by two to three days, and the News updates our dashboard each time Yale publicly releases its latest counts. Yale has de-duplicated these numbers so that students who test positive multiple times are only counted the first time, and so that total tests given reflects the number of unique individuals tested on a single day. The News' data begins on January 8th, 2021.

Visualizations by Omar Chishti and Daniel Kim.

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The fading of a pandemic: Yale’s COVID-19 policy, two-and-a-half years later

Following two and a half years of COVID-19 policy development, the University’s relaxed regulations stand in stark contrast to those set in place at the beginning of the pandemic, which were much more strict.

New Yale study finds promising results with nasal COVID-19 vaccine

A team of Yale researchers recently published their findings that a nasal booster vaccine for COVID-19 may be a key way to help prevent the infection and transmission of COVID-19.

Students report varied contact tracing experiences

Some students have expressed confusion over perceived disparities in their contact tracing experiences as the Yale Contact Tracing Team shifts its focus to high-risk groups and areas of ongoing transmission.

Student COVID-19 cases hit “unprecedented” level; isolation housing tracker quietly removed

The isolation housing capacity tracker was removed from the University’s COVID-19 data dashboard as a record number of undergraduates tested positive.

Yale moves finals online and allows students to leave campus early

Following on the heels of peer institutions, and after experiencing its largest single-day COVID-19 spike, the University has moved all remaining final exams online. In a Saturday night email, administrators expressed hope to start the spring term in person but urged students to bring home all essential items.

Natalie Kainz, Multimedia Managing Editor
Natalie Kainz, Multimedia Managing Editor
University implements booster requirement for spring term

The University will mandate that all students receive COVID-19 booster shots before returning to campus in the spring and that faculty and staff receive the shot as soon as they are eligible.

Omicron variant detected at Yale, University moves to grab-and-go dining but proceeds with in-person exams

The University has decided to continue administering exams in person, despite the detection of the Omicron variant and increased demand for on-campus isolation housing that has caused the University to double-bunk students in quarantine.

COVID-19 spike disrupts student life

Additional students have been contact traced or entered isolation housing as a result of increased COVID-19 cases on campus.

‘I just want to go home’: Omicron variant casts doubt on international students’ travel plans

International students wrangle potential travel bans, quarantines and flight cancelations when making plans for winter recess.

University ramps up testing requirements amid COVID-19 spike

Yale College has upped student testing requirements in response to 98 positive COVID-19 tests on campus between Nov. 26 and Dec. 3.

Eligibility for COVID-19 vaccine booster shots expands

After the CDC issued new recommendations for booster shots for COVID-19 on Thursday, Yale expanded eligibility for booster shots for some recipients of the Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines.