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The News' COVID-19 dashboard is based on data from the Yale COVID-19 Statistics webpage, which reflects data for both Yale's asymptomatic testing program as well as tests given to symptomatic students. Yale's data is generally delayed by two to three days, and the News updates our dashboard each time Yale publicly releases its latest counts. Yale has de-duplicated these numbers so that students who test positive multiple times are only counted the first time, and so that total tests given reflects the number of unique individuals tested on a single day. The News' data begins on January 8th, 2021.

Visualizations by Omar Chishti and Daniel Kim.

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COVID-19 patient volume at YNHHS down by 45 percent over last two weeks

As the Yale New Haven Health System continues to monitor breakthrough infections, noting low infection rates among the vaccinated, it has also seen a significant decrease in COVID-19 patients.

Yale extends weekly testing policy through October

The University has sent emails to students concerning the extension of weekly testing mandates and flu season preparations.

Test vials sit in a container.
Elicker says more than 64 percent of eligible residents fully vaccinated

The city has partnered with several community outreach organizations to promote education about the vaccine and provide access to all residents of New Haven. The vaccination rates are increasing, but there are still many hesitant residents.

A view of the Elm City from above.
First randomized trial on masking affirms efficacy, Yale study says

The effectiveness of masks in preventing COVID-19 has been supported by the results of a 300,000-person randomized trial in Bangladesh led by two School of Management researchers.

Yale study examines effect of COVID-19 antibodies

Scientists at the Yale School of Medicine conducted a study to investigate the effect of T-cells and B-cells in adaptive immunity and what that could mean for future treatments against COVID-19.

Low incidence of breakthrough infections at YNHHS highlights importance of COVID-19 vaccines

In a Thursday press conference, Yale New Haven Health system officials explained that approximately six percent of patients who test positive for COVID-19 and are symptomatic are fully vaccinated.

YSPH study examines high COVID-19 repeat positive test rates in nursing homes

A Yale School of Public Health study conducted in collaboration with the state found that some nursing home residents experienced repeat positive COVID-19 tests.

Researchers at the medical school image live COVID-19 infection in mice

Scientists at the medical school used microscopic technology to image COVID-19 infection in mice, which will hopefully aid in developing treatments.

YSPH study finds COVID-19 vaccine rollout has saved 279,000 lives

Researchers used modeling techniques to estimate the number of lives saved and hospitalizations prevented due to the U.S. vaccine rollout compared to the result if no vaccines had been administered.

A healthcare worker fills a syringe with a vaccine.
In-person classes begin with COVID-19 still looming

As students return to in-person classes for the first time in almost 18 months, University officials are closely watching the Delta variant and how it may affect instruction and other plans.

City to warn, fine and potentially shut down businesses for mask mandate noncompliance

The crackdown is a result of a tenfold increase in hospitalizations since July 1.