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The News' COVID-19 dashboard is based on data from the Yale COVID-19 Statistics webpage, which reflects data for both Yale's asymptomatic testing program as well as tests given to symptomatic students. Yale's data is generally delayed by two to three days, and the News updates our dashboard each time Yale publicly releases its latest counts. Yale has de-duplicated these numbers so that students who test positive multiple times are only counted the first time, and so that total tests given reflects the number of unique individuals tested on a single day. The News' data begins on January 8th, 2021.

Visualizations by Omar Chishti and Daniel Kim.

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University relaxes mask and distancing requirements for fully vaccinated individuals

With low rates of COVID-19 transmission at Yale and the surrounding area, the University will get rid of most preventative protocols for fully vaccinated community members.

An image of a vial of a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.
Yale mandates vaccinations for faculty, staff and postdoctoral trainees

The University navigates legal and public health considerations to require vaccination by Aug. 1.

The front of Sterling Library from Cross Campus.
Yale study: COVID-19 vaccine distribution at dollar stores could improve equity

Yale researchers found that including dollar stores in the U.S. vaccine distribution process would aid in the country’s efforts to reach marginalized populations.

University expands vaccines that fulfill student mandate, continues discussions on including faculty and staff

Yale navigates legal and public health concerns with potential faculty and staff vaccine mandate.

Vaccine passports remain up in the air for Connecticut residents

As the city prepares to reopen this May, the possibility of a vaccine passport required of city residents remains up in the air.

Gov. Lamont signs into law bill that eliminates nonmedical exemptions for vaccinations in schools

Starting Sept. 1, 2022, students entering school will have to have all the required school vaccines and can only be excused for medical reasons.

University moves COVID alert level from orange to yellow

Thursday’s shift marks the first alert level change since November.

UP CLOSE | Let’s talk about it: The triumphs and failures of public health messaging during COVID-19

Epidemiologists at the Yale School of Public Health, Yale faculty and a community leader comment on how the U.S. government fell short when communicating health guidance to the public during the pandemic and what lessons can be learned from the year in review.

Yale researchers study pooled saliva testing for COVID-19

In a paper published in Emerging Infectious Diseases this month, Yale researchers presented their study supporting the expansion of SARS-CoV-2 testing capacity by pooling saliva […]

Yale to require COVID vaccines for students this fall, considering mandate for faculty, staff

Yale will impose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all undergraduate, graduate and professional school students who return to campus next fall and is considering a […]

UP CLOSE | ‘Building the plane while we fly it’: Making student policy in a time of pandemic

After more than a year living in a world disrupted by COVID-19, administrators and student leaders reflect on how they have made student policy amid the uncertainty and challenges of the pandemic.