Selin Nalbantoglu
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Selin Nalbantoglu covers the School of the Environment as a beat reporter for the SciTech desk. Previously, she covered breakthrough research as an associate beat reporter.
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Yale researchers establish link between plant structure evolution and drought resistance

A cross-institutional collaboration including Yale faculty has led to the publication of a paper detailing the role of plant structure in determining outcomes during drought conditions.

Yale hosts interdisciplinary Clean Energy Conference

Speakers from all over the United States came to New Haven last weekend to discuss the latest innovations in the clean energy sector.

Five-year program at YSE shapes leaders in environmental science

Yale College students interested in pursuing a career in environmental science have the opportunity to complete a master’s degree at the Yale School of the Environment in one year instead of the customary two.

YSE grads publish paper concerning restoration of lands harmed by gold mining

Former students of the Yale School of the Environment catalog current research on restoration techniques after surface gold mining and suggest more research is needed to determine best practices in the area.

Yale Professors create new drug that could combat prostate cancer

A Yale chemist and oncologist collaborated to create a new treatment for prostate cancer that tags specific proteins within the cancerous cells, making it easier for the body’s natural mechanisms to identify and destroy them.

Brain enzyme regulates body weight, Yale study shows

Yale researchers have linked the absence of an enzyme called OGT to increased body weight and incidence of obesity.

Ndc1 protein regulates cell nucleus size, Yale researchers find

A new study on the role of Ndc1 in nuclear pore complex assembly helps elucidate how cells regulate nuclear size.

RNA Vaccines, ultrasound therapies and more: Yale researchers stay active through the pandemic

Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yale researchers have continued to push the frontiers of science, publishing hundreds of scientific articles and developing new […]

Yale penicillin allergy testing initiative clears most pregnant women of reported allergy

Two YNHH physicians have developed an initiative to test and identify pregnant women who report penicillin allergies in order to verify or clear the reported allergy.

Specific cancer characteristics may determine patient outcomes, Yale analysis finds

Yale researchers analyzed a data set of more than 10,000 cancer patients and identified certain biomarkers associated with higher rates of patient mortality.

New ultrasound treatment for Type II diabetes developed by Yale-GE Collaboration

Yale researchers in Raimund Herzog’s lab are working alongside GE Research to develop an ultrasound treatment for Type II diabetes.