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Selin Nalbantoglu covers breakthrough research for SciTech. She is a first-year in Saybrook College.
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Yale cardiologist receives Hal O’Brien Rising Star Award

Attila Feher will attend the High Country Nuclear Medicine Conference as the recipient of the Hal O’Brien Rising Star Award in March 2022 to present his research on microcirculation.

Yale researchers develop mRNA-based lyme disease vaccine

Yale researchers have developed an mRNA vaccine that targets the antigens found in tick saliva in order to alert individuals to tick bites as well as prevent the tick from feeding correctly, thereby reducing its ability to transmit pathogens.

Robert Javonillo appointed assistant dean of diversity, equity and inclusion at YSE

As a first-generation college student himself, Javonillo hopes to provide mentorship to students within the Yale School of the Environment while designing and enacting policies to advance diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at the school.

Research center directors, Nobel committee members and advisors to the President: Yale STEM faculty in prestigious appointments

Over the past year, several Yale science faculty members have been tapped for various leadership roles in national and international institutions.

The future of exoplanet identification might lie on the surface of stars, Yale study finds

Yale researchers, alongside an international team of astronomers, have developed a technique to reveal the presence of exoplanets by observing the surface and movement of stars.

YNHH increases access to mammograms through mobile imaging unit

Over the past four months, Yale New Haven Health’s mobile breast imaging unit has traveled to various Connecticut towns, providing 3D mammograms to women in […]

YNHH terminates 94 employees who refused to receive COVID-19 vaccinations

On Oct. 18, Yale New Haven Health’s human resources department sent notices of termination to 94 employees who refused to comply with a COVID-19 vaccine […]

ISS hosts a discussion forum on American Diplomacy and James Baker III

On Thursday, journalists and international relations scholars discussed the history of bipartisanship, and why it is less possible today, at an International Security Studies program […]

Yale astronomy professor named director of National Science Foundation’s Division of Astronomical Sciences

Debra Fischer, Eugene Higgins Professor of Astronomy and former Dean of Academic Affairs, was tapped as the next director of the National Science Foundation’s Division […]

Two podcasters explore murders within the Ivy League

Two “crime-heads” joined forces to create a podcast in which they explore the dark side of the Ivy League — including the murders of Yale students. […]

No vaccine, no work: Yale New Haven Health plans to begin terminating unvaccinated employees

The Yale New Haven Health System has begun issuing warnings of termination to the roughly 300 employees who refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19 before […]

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