Three years later, one spirited senior still waits for repeat

Was it really just a fluke? That’s the question that has dogged a Yale men’s basketball team that has underachieved since the Bulldogs captured a share of the Ivy League title in 2002. Three seasons removed from the Ivy crown, the starting backcourt from the championship team — Alex Gamboa ’05 and Edwin Draughan ’05 […]

Elis’ fate may be decided this Saturday

Most teams don’t have to make their last stand during their first conference game, but that’s exactly what the Yale men’s basketball team has to do in Saturday night’s Ivy League home-opener against Brown. Over the last two seasons, the Bulldogs have collapsed under the weight of lofty preseason expectations and had their NCAA tournament […]

MLB teams not getting bang for their big bucks

This is the exact opposite of last year. In an offseason that’s made no sense to me, several MLB teams have managed to empty their bank accounts without impacting the handicapping for next year’s World Series champion. The one exception may be Randy Johnson. With the Big Unit, the Yankees finally acquired the dominant starter […]

Giants show rebuilding is not as bad as it sounds

So, THIS is rebuilding. As a New York sports fan, I always wondered what that word really meant. Seriously, rebuilding is something that New York franchises generally avoid. And not always with the best results. Last season, the Knicks traded away their future, burdening the team with huge contracts just so they could be a […]

Want to win The Game? Here’s how fans can help

Yale football is on the verge of making history — but not the good kind. In arguably the most storied college football rivalry, a Yale class has not been swept by Harvard in over 80 years. Now, coming off three consecutive defeats to the Cantabs, the Bulldogs enter next Saturday’s match-up as huge underdogs. At […]

No, it doesn’t matter, but Harvard still sucks

On paper, the Princeton-Yale rivalry should mean more. After all, with 126 games played since 1873, this matchup is the second-oldest in all of college football, even predating Harvard-Yale. But despite this, we all know the truth. Look around: It’s really all in the t-shirts — “Princeton doesn’t matter.” The standard issue HYP shirt will […]

NFL midseason report: NFC is not up to par

The NFL always catches me off-guard. After baseball’s postseason and the necessary weeklong (maybe longer this year) recovery period, suddenly we’re mid-way through the football season. And really, that’s pretty exciting. Until you realize that the Giants could be 7-1 if they had managed to win home games against the Lions and Bears. Last Sunday’s […]

Boston won, but was the curse real?

On the surface, the end of “The Curse” still doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m going to try to avoid getting too judgmental again, but championship baseball teams are usually not built like this. For example, you might want your ace pitcher to be a three-time Cy Young Award winner and the best hurler […]

Play-calling leaves nothing but disbelief

The Yale football team’s 17-7 loss to Penn Saturday was arguably the most frustrating Yale sporting event I have ever attended. And that’s saying something. Entering the 2004 campaign, Yale was returning most of its starters from a record-setting offense that averaged 35.4 points a game a year ago. Even with the loss of Nate […]

The Yankees lose, and it really hurts

Boston 10, New York 3. This is a nightmare. At any moment, I’m hoping to wake up and discover that it’s Sunday morning and the Yankees lead the ALCS 3-0. If I have ever had a worse moment than this, I can’t remember it. But, I’m beginning to get the distinct impression that it’s not […]

For this Yankees fan, radio and cell do the trick

Baseball makes people do desperate things, especially in the playoffs. That’s really all I can say to explain how I found myself clinging to my cell phone in an attempt to listen to the conclusion of Game Four of the Yankees-Twins series. It’s not really the same with other sports. Because of the length of […]