Mike Menitove
Playoffs in short supply of solid arms

We might never see a postseason like this again. At least I hope not. Only a year removed from baseball’s best October in a long […]

Don’t go wild for the Wild Card

The Wild Card just doesn’t do it for me. It takes the juice out of division races by creating a safety-net for second place teams, […]

There is no ‘I’ in team, but plenty in the U.S. ones

The most embarrassing aspect of the U.S.’s Ryder Cup loss this weekend might be that the usual excuses don’t apply. Nobody can honestly say that […]

Brain-dead, annoying and not even good

Imagine Pedro Martinez joining the Yankees for the 2005 season. That’s about the closest analogy I could come up with when the Giants signed Kurt […]

Yanks will take care of business and Boston

You know you’re in trouble when you find yourself peeking at the wild card standings just to make sure your team will make the playoffs. […]

Believe the hype: there’s plenty of rivalry to come

Last weekend’s Yankees-Red Sox series did not live up to the hype, especially for Yankee fans. Not even a FOX broadcast replete with Tim McCarver’s […]

Garcia waits to replace Mickelson as Major choker

Sunday was a bizarre day in sports. Kobe Bryant, possibly protesting Phil Jackson’s criticism of his ball-hogging, jacked up only one shot in a blowout […]

G-Tech will avenge Duke in the finals

On Saturday, I had the thought that despite the unseasonable weather, this is a pretty good time of year — the Final Four, the Masters, […]

This year’s Final Four: tough picks

Just like last season, any team in this year’s Final Four could emerge as the National Champion. It doesn’t work out that way very often. […]

Filling in my March Madness Dance card

It was business as usual during the first week of the NCAA Tournament. No memorable buzzer beaters, but plenty of upsets and interesting storylines to […]

During March Madness, don’t bet the house

The NCAA tournament won’t begin for another two weeks, but this is my last chance to give you my advice on how to fill out […]