Mike Menitove
What’s so bad about the BCS?

If you are a college football fan, this is the time of year when the controversy begins. Ever since the introduction of the Bowl Championship […]

Fantasy football a full-time obsession

My fantasy football team is composed of 16 players from 11 different NFL teams. I’m off to a 7-1 start, but unfortunately, I am also […]

Baseball records have more mystique

This week, I was watching the World Series on Fox when Joe Buck suddenly announced that Emmitt Smith is only 93 yards away from Walter […]

Baseball’s five greatest plays of all-time

Before Game 4 of the World Series scheduled for next Wednesday, Major League Baseball will unveil its top five moments as voted by the fans. […]

A fall of discontent for U.S. athletics

September was a dismal month for American sports. The year began much more auspiciously with the U.S. posting its best Winter Olympics ever. America won […]

Yankees: the best baseball has to offer

Let’s face it: the Yankees are on their way to another World Series appearance, and their success over the last six years has done nothing […]