Mike Menitove
Recent fan violence not as bad as it seems

It was a classic “Yale fight.” Thursday night. One drunk dude gets in the face of another guy (who may or may not be an […]

I am Tiger Woods? I don’t think so

All it took was one Sunday afternoon to remind me that there’s no athlete I’d rather watch than Tiger Woods. It has nothing to do […]

Yankees still hold edge over BoSox in 2005

For the third consecutive year, the Yankees and Red Sox — in some particular order — are the two best teams in baseball. The obvious […]

No UNC loss, but the weekend in N.Y. is still a blast

A timeline of my trip to the Syracuse Regional this past weekend: Friday 10:45 a.m.: Board train to Syracuse. It’s more packed than I thought, […]

CBS should expand coverage of tourney, especially early on

Because of various spring break trips, I missed out on several of the biggest sports stories from last week. I did catch some footage from […]

To Draughan and Gamboa: a thank you

With spring break approaching, the student section will be fairly desolate when the Yale men’s basketball team takes the court for its final two home […]

Yale basketball has a habit of falling just short

It was the classic letdown game. Just when the Yale men’s basketball team finally seemed to hit its stride, the monumental road bump that is […]

Baseball needs to be up front about steroids

Ignorance is bliss. The problem for Major League Baseball, though, is that it doesn’t have ignorance. It has Jose Canseco. Does it really matter which […]

Fan or not, Pats were fun to watch

You don’t really hate the Patriots. All season long, you’ve been looking for a reason to hate on the dynasty: “It’s unfair. They’re too lucky,” […]

Best of NFL playoffs are already over

There’s something missing from Super Bowl XXXIX. With all its intriguing angles, how come I’m not more enthusiastic about this game? In a way, this […]

Do these NFL teams even want a victory?

Does anyone really want to win these games? That’s the question I’ve been repeatedly asking myself throughout the NFL playoffs. All I want to see […]