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The Moments You Remember: A Yale Winter

On Tuesday, February 18: winter hit for real. It’s not weather that tells me when it’s winter, it’s my body’s hibernation mechanisms. In the winter […]

You Deserve Pleasure: The Drama School’s Annual Dragaret

“A Haven. A Party. The place to be your sexiest self.” On Feb. 21 and 22, the Yale Cabaret is hosting its seventh annual drag […]

The Roaring Twenties

2020 marks a new decade which means, apparently, that everyone uses 10 years of perspective instead of 12 months: a CV of past, an open […]

Recent Harvard-Yale Protest as a Series of Tweets

– Butterfingered Yale-Harvard football game interrupted by peaceful student protest. Armed police swiftly respond, outnumbering protesters quickly. – Yale climate protester “really glad she had […]

Half-Baked Thoughts on Flirting

SUBJECT: a feminist thought at work Is it harder for women to refrain from being flirty while still in a relationship than for men to […]

Vincent Van Gogh’s Yellow House

Tonight the sky reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh. There’s thunder, then a pause. The lightning casts the sky a yellow-white. It’s not yet raining, […]

Anasthasia Shilov
Writing is Easy, You Had Me Fucked Up

I write every day but I never write for myself. Not because I don’t have the time, but because I’m afraid. That the words won’t […]

My Glamorous L.A. Life

This is an essay about my romantic LA life so let’s start with a SCENE: a college-aged girl, brown hair, large sunnies, knees wide around […]

Paris Burning

Throughout middle school, I carpooled with two girls from the neighborhood: Maddy Geesen and Christine Albertson. Christine once tested in science class to see if […]

Act Your Gender

I grew up next door to four boys, all more or less my age. We shared a fence. In the afternoons I’d climb up on […]

Jägermeister Killed My Boyfriend

I was out one night at a club in the east side of London. We’d just moved that week; we were eager to hit the […]

Ashley Anthony