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Planning, communication key to end-of-life care, study finds

A new Yale-led study indicates that older adults frequently do not clearly communicate their end-of-life preferences to “surrogates,” loved ones selected to make health care […]

Gradual introduction of host cells linked to increased viral adaptation

According to new research from Yale, viruses may be able to better adapt to new types of host cells when those new host cells are […]

“Tainted” money less attractive, research finds

New research from Yale and the University of Michigan has found that people are more reluctant to accept stolen money than money obtained legally.

Studies highlight phrases stigmatizing excess weight

Two new studies from Yale shed light on patients’ language preferences for discussing Binge Eating Disorder and obesity.

Thrifty gene leads to higher obesity rates in Samoan populations

Although obesity rates have been rising around the world, the problem is particularly pronounced in Samoa.

Increased HPV vaccination is cost-effective

Recent Yale-led research shows that increasing vaccination rates of the new, nonavalent HPV vaccine — which protects against nine different strains of HPV — in […]

Placental inflammation can contribute to pre-term birth

New Yale research suggests that asymptomatic viral infections could lead to pre-term births by inducing inflammatory responses in mothers’ placentae, a finding that could eventually help prevent the 50 percent of pre-term births without any obvious risk factors.

Parents underestimate children’s weight status

Yale researchers have found that parents are likely to underestimate their children’s weight status, even though parents can often give accurate estimates of their own weight status.

Potential treatment for pancreatic cancer on horizon

New Yale research points to potential treatments for pancreatic cancer, a disease that only 7 percent of patients survive for more than five years after […]

New Haven may benefit from Probuphine recommendation

A scientific advisory panel recommended in January that the Food and Drug Administration approve Probuphine, an implant that slowly releases the prescription drug buprenorphine, as a treatment for patients with opioid-abuse disorders. The panel’s recommendation comes in the midst of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls a national drug overdose “epidemic,” with opioid overdose death rates reaching 9.0 per 100,000 in 2014. Approval of the Probuphine implant has the potential to help cities across the country, including New Haven, which had a total of 84 heroin-related drug overdose deaths from January to September 2015.

Researchers identify new path to mitigate effects of aortic stenosis

New research from Yale points to more effective treatments for supravalvular aortic stenosis, a disease in which dangerous narrowing of the aortic valve opening to the aortic artery increases patients’ risk of cardiovascular disease.