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Depression during pregnancy influences postpartum

Depression during pregnancy may affect how women interact and bond with their infants, according to new research from the Yale Child Study Center.

Yale researchers create safer, more effective sunscreen

Sunscreen may get safer and more effective, thanks to Yale researchers.

Saying it in the stars

Study Break for the Stars

Children choose tasty over healthy

Kids may not be able to keep their hands out of the cookie jar, even if they know the treat is bad for them, according to a new study.

See to move and move to see

I walk past “Video Mixer Group Exhibition” every time I go to my painting class at the School of Art, but as a perpetually late person I’ve never had the time to investigate closer. This week, though, I ducked into the gallery expecting to find just a few artsy videos with a couple of sculptures thrown in. But I soon realized I had drastically underestimated the video-making abilities of the Art School’s graduate students.

Sterilization method may be unsafe

A decade-old method of female sterilization may be riskier than it first appeared, according to a new study from researchers at the Yale School of Medicine.

Q&A: Designing the genome

Two genomic design researchers, Adrian Haimovich and Farren Isaacs, spoke with the News about their recent review paper.

In Search of Josef Albers

Overall, it’s a wonderful, worthwhile exhibit (and that’s not just the free pizza talking). “Search Versus Re-Search” is large enough to make a visit an outing of its own, but not so large as to be overwhelming.

TVs in bedroom raise kids’ sugary drink consumption

According to a new Yale study, televisions in children’s bedrooms may usurp parental authority.

Study could help reduce tiger killings

A new Yale study may help save the tigers.

Fatigue in cancer patients can be predicted

Scientists may be able to predict who gets tired, and when, according to a new study from Yale that examined over 500 cancer patients.