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Increased insulin sensitivity can reduce chance of stroke

A new study from Yale researchers could help prevent recurrent strokes in high-risk patients.

Flooding disrupts watershed ecosystem

A new Yale study has shown that flooding caused by storms impacts the natural processing of organic matter within a watershed — the area of land that includes a particular river or lake and all the rivers, streams and other bodies of water that flow into it.

Opioid research gains traction

With drug-related deaths on the rise, researchers at the Yale School of Medicine have made important strides in treatment for opioid users — and been recognized for their achievements.

In obese men with BED, pain correlated with binges

A new Yale study has helped explain the role of pain in obese patients suffering from Binge Eating Disorder.

Calories entice more than sweetness

A new Yale study has pinpointed the source of sugar’s allure by showing that the brain processes sweetness and calories in two separate neural circuits.

Obesity and liver disease connection may aid possible treatment

New research from Yale could lead to more effective treatment for people suffering from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a common and serious affliction in the overweight and obese.

Improved sleep can help addicts recover

A new Yale study has shown that use of the prescription stimulant modafinil can reduce former cocaine addicts’ chances of relapsing, likely because of modafinil’s ability to improve addicts’ sleep.

E-Cigarettes with high alcohol levels impair psychomotor skills

Using e-cigarettes containing liquids with high percentages of alcohol can impact users’ psychomotor skills, according to a new study from the Yale School of Medicine. […]

New partnership tackles preventable car crash injuries in children

A new partnership between Buckle Up for Life and the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital could save hundreds of Connecticut children from death or severe injury […]

Study unlocks path to understanding endometriosis

Scientists are one step closer to understanding endometriosis, a common women’s health problem, thanks to new research from the Yale School of Medicine. Endometriosis, a […]

Students race to complete all electric race car

One of Yale’s student clubs, Bulldogs Racing, may be on track to create one of the fastest electric race cars in the nation.