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  1. Backstory: Review of Louis Lunch

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    I had never been to Louis’ before I did this review. I always meant to, but it seemed like it was never open. I’d even tried going right after Easter during their regular hours, but it was still closed, I guess for some kind of post-Easter chocolate-digesting vacation.

    But when I came back with a friend a week later, the door was open, and we finally got to see what all the hype was about. It was a very fulfilling experience: We had a fabulously juicy hamburger each, ordered a slice of pie for the sake of thorough journalism, and may or may not have carved a few things into our table with my Swiss Army knife.

    Then, as if my day wasn’t great enough already, my friend took me with her when she did her post-lunchtime carillon ring. The top of Harkness and Louis’ Lunch in one afternoon—it’s like the Yale super-special. It just goes to show that it never hurts to have friends in high places.

    Sarah Wolf

  2. Beyond New Haven: Sushi Palace

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    Ok, so perhaps it’s not fair to write about a restaurant where you either need a car, a friend with a car or some cab or bus fare in order to get there, but this place cannot go without mention. Among my own group of friends, Sushi Palace has already become a topic of conversation and likely weekend retreat and eatery. Have you ever heard of all you can eat sushi? Well now you have!

    Located in neighboring Hamden, Conn. on Dixwell Avenue, Sushi Palace is truly a diamond in the rough. The interior decorations and the staff are fairly unassuming, but the food is delicious. You can enjoy a variety of appetizers—including my favorite, Gyoza, soups, and sushi rolls. And if raw fish isn’t necessarily your style (even though perhaps you shouldn’t go to a sushi restaurant), they also have a variety of chicken and steak dishes.

    Thameka Thompson

  3. Skip the Club: The Classier Side of New Haven

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    Not really digging the New Haven club scene, but want to go out and enjoy a drink with friends at a classy joint? Try Nikkita’s, Kudeta, Bottega Lounge, Fosters, Geronimo’s, and/or Soul de Cuba.

    Soul De Cuba:

    I was first introduced to Soul de Cuba by a good friend of mine that I met while working on the Ned Lamont Campaign. Her significant other at the time was good friends with the owner(s) of this eclectic restaurant. At first we would just go there after hours and have some impromptu meals and drinks. However, I soon started going to Soul De Cuba on a much more regular basis during their normal business hours; there was something about this Spanish/African atmosphere that kept drawing me to it. Whenever I have friends visiting from out of town, I try to make sure that I take them to this spot at least once and I am constantly referring co-workers, friends, and other Yale students to this place. (more…)

  4. The Backstory: Review of Central Steakhouse

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    Faithful blog readers deserve to know the truth: As much as I try to cover for it in the article, I think it’s pretty obvious that I forgot to order steak when I was reviewing Central Steakhouse. It was not a strategic decision — it just didn’t occur to me or the person I was eating with. To make myself seem slightly less idiotic, I’m going to blame this oversight on the fact that I haven’t been eating meat in restaurants for very long (I recently stopped keeping kosher). Anyway, sorry to my readers, and sorry to Central Steakhouse. I’m sure the steak is great, at least judging by the rest of my dinner. It was actually the best meal I’ve had in a long time — including my first ever crab cakes (another thing I purposely neglect to mention in the article), unbelievable homemade pasta, and more …

    Sarah Wolf

  5. 50s diner and Indian dinner? Better than Bollywood.

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    When I told my friends that I had just had the best meal of my month in a beat up 50s diner down Chapel Street they were expecting a burger and fries, not tandoori chicken and samosas. Their reactions to the revelation weren’t too enthusiastic. Who can blame them? The last major time the style of one of America’s capitalist classics fused with Indian culture we had the birth of Bollywood.