Salovey calls for dialogue in final Baccalaureate Address, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy speaks at Class Day

Salovey preached the importance of dialogue as a tool for building compassion, while Murthy discussed the value of building meaningful relationships. Salovey encountered a mild disruption from pro-Palestine demonstrators, while brief chants of “free Palestine” interrupted Class Day later in the afternoon.

IN PHOTOS: Pro-Palestine protesters erect new encampment on Cross Campus

At around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, immediately following a large pro-Palestine rally that marched through downtown New Haven and Yale, around 250 pro-divestment protesters began to pitch an encampment of about 40 tents on the Cross Campus green.

Over 2,300 alumni, parents and students sign letter to withhold donations until Yale divests

In an April 19 letter to the Yale Corporation, signatories pledged to withhold donations until Yale divests from military weapons manufacturers and expressed solidarity with student protesters.

Yale’s cultural groups respond to student arrests, extend support to pro-Palestine protesters

After Yale police arrested 48 pro-Palestine student protesters on Monday morning, several of the University’s cultural groups released statements condemning the University’s response and expressing support for the students involved in the protests.

Mimi Papathanasopoulos ’26 and Esha Garg ’26 win Yale College Council presidency, vice presidency

Although it did not influence the outcome of the election, Celene Bennett ’26 and Juan Borrego ’26 were docked 50 votes each due to a campaign violation.

ANALYSIS: What academic penalties could the 44 arrested student protesters face?

Students arrested for trespassing on the Beinecke Plaza on Monday after days of intense pro-Palestine protests will be investigated by Yale’s disciplinary committee. Reprimand –– the lightest penalty –– appears to be the most likely outcome for them, but probation and suspension are also possible.

Smaller divestment protests continue on Cross Campus, in Sterling Memorial Library as organizers undergo leadership transition

Following the arrest of 48 pro-Palestine protesters on Monday morning, smaller demonstrations calling for Yale to divest from military weapons manufacturers continued on Tuesday. Lead organizers of “Occupy Beinecke” — the group that set up the three-night encampment on Beinecke Plaza — announced on social media that they had handed off leadership to a broader cohort of activists, renaming the coalition as “Occupy Yale.”

After days of unrest, Jewish students express varied feelings about pro-Palestine campus protests

Some Jewish students expressed alarm at the protests calling on Yale to divest from military weapons manufacturers, which they view as antisemitic; others said they support the protests and have themselves been involved in the demonstrations.

IN PHOTOS: Student protesters arrested

On Monday, more than 45 pro-Palestine students urging Yale to divest from military arms manufacturers were arrested for violating Yale policy on outdoor space use. They will be referred for Yale disciplinary action, which could include reprimand, probation or suspension.

Pro-divestment protesters continue Beinecke encampment for third day under threat of disciplinary action

The encampment began Friday, continuing a weeklong surge of protests on Beinecke Plaza in favor of military weapons divestment. Over 250 pro-Palestine protesters are occupying 40 tents on the plaza as of late Sunday night.

Pro-divestment students end eight-day hunger strike

While they have ended their hunger strike, the 14 students continue to express dissent toward the University’s investments in military weapons manufacturers.