Yale student podcast assesses whether successful entrepreneurs are born or made

A podcast by the Yale Entrepreneurial Society surveyed 60 students about their attitudes on what leads to success in entrepreneurship.

New Haven braces for six inches of snow from Winter Storm Piper

40 snow-plowing vehicles were deployed to clear city roads quickly through Monday night.

Student hit by vehicle at York-Elm intersection hospitalized for injuries

The 18-year-old student was crossing the intersection during a green light late Saturday night, according to New Haven police, when she was struck by a pick-up truck.

Edon house put up for sale after lease battle

After a back-and-forth struggle for a lease, Edon’s house on 31 High Street has now been listed by Farnam Realty Group for $4.5 million.

Whiffenpoofs and Whim ’n Rhythm tap 2024 classes

The two all-senior a cappella groups announced their new members on Monday.

Students rally for religious housing accommodations

Students gathered on Cross Campus on Feb. 22 to protest the Yale College Dean’s Office new streamlined housing process that does not formally consider religious housing accommodations.

“If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must be a Muhfucka” takes on beauty standards in sold-out Spring Ex performances

The Spring Ex production, which ran from Feb. 16 to Feb. 18, was co-directed by Simisola Fagbemi ’24 and Megan Ruoro ’24.

Undergraduate arrested after YPD finds firearm, illegal drugs in dorm

The student was escorted out of Benjamin Franklin College last Wednesday evening.

YCC Senate votes to amend constitution, expanding senator role

The Yale College Council voted to amend the YCC Constitution, granting new power to student senators.

Remembering Garrett Woodard ’23

Family, friends and classmates of Garrett Woodard, who died last week, remembered his kindness and creativity.

New STEM recruitment program seeks to increase yield of STEM matriculates

The YES Scholars program will invite around 100 of the students accepted to the class of 2027 to a special cohort of highly-skilled STEM students.