{W}holy Queer meeting group marks the intersection of faith and sexuality

{W}holy Queer are meetings where undergraduate, graduate and professional students at Yale gather to discuss the intersection between their queer and religious identities.

Undergraduate student launches websites to help students form study groups

STUDYUP launched Thursday to link classmates despite stumbles in advertising.

Asian American students, faculty members reflect on rise of hate crimes

The past year has seen immeasurable suffering for many communities across the country. The pandemic has brought on a particularly heightened sense of fear in […]

Asian Yalies explore oral narratives, generational trauma through senior theses

This year, some Yalies used their senior thesis projects to explore a wide range of Asian and Asian American issues.

AACC to celebrate 40th anniversary with teach-in, alumni panel and digital history showcase

Four decades ago, roughly 100 Asian American students — at that point about a third of the total Asian American population enrolled in Yale College — met with then-Yale president Bart Giamatti to fight for a space of their own on campus, beyond a few rooms in the basement of Bingham Hall.

Students gather at the AACC after its opening.
Bayan Galal ’23 and Zoe Hsu ’24 elected YCC President and Vice President

Bayan Galal ’23 and Zoe Hsu ’24 were elected YCC President and Vice-President, respectively, in elections that took place on April 29 and 30.

ANAAY continues to educate community about Indigenous land rights amid pandemic

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Association of Native Americans at Yale, or ANAAY, is continuing to educate the Yale community about Indigenous land rights.

Amid higher demand for on-campus housing, students say process is stressful, inequitable

As the semester comes to a close, students engage in the often stressful process of determining housing for next school year.

Yale working to deal with students who get a non-FDA-authorized vaccine

Because the pandemic has scattered Yale students across the globe, not everyone has access to the same COVID-19 vaccines. But with Yale's recent mandate announcement and requirement that students be immunized with U.S.-approved shots for the fall, what could this mean for international students in countries that are only administering AstraZeneca or other non-FDA-authorized vaccines?

An up close photo of COVID-19
Yalies from China struggle to obtain visas, return to New Haven

Despite mounting U.S.-China tensions and roadblocks to obtaining visas, the University will not lend financial support for Chinese students in the visa process.

As pandemic continues, cheating gains speed

The News conducted a survey of Yale undergraduates that showed approximately 50 percent of those who committed academic dishonesty did so for the first time during the virtual learning semesters.