Yale to announce long-term testing policy this spring

After adopting one-year test-optional models for the past three application cycles, Yale’s undergraduate admissions office plans to announce its long-term testing policy this spring.

Faculty pressure administrators for higher salaries

A sealed report and December meeting detail the faculty conversation over salary ranges and data transparency with the University administration.

“Room to grow”: African studies program at a crossroads

Five years after faculty criticized a lack of institutional support for the program, African Studies has strengthened in size — but some say that more attention to the program is needed.

In trend reversal, Yale now rejects more early applicants than it defers

In response to record-breaking numbers of students seeking undergraduate admission to Yale — as well as feedback from high school counselors — Yale is moving to reject more early action applicants than it defers.

Ten months in, what progress has been made on the historic city-university deal?

While Yale and New Haven leaders have shared developments in yearly voluntary payments and the Center for Inclusive Growth, the state of the High Street redesign plan and initiatives beyond the deal’s six-year lifespan remain up in the air.

ANALYSIS: The legacy of affirmative action

Data from a National Bureau of Economic Research paper confirm theories that maintaining legacy preference in admissions processes hurts racial diversity, while both legacy preference and race-conscious admissions significantly benefit wealthy applicants over their lower-class peers.

Yale offers flexibility in English proficiency evaluation for international applicants

For international students applying to universities in the United States, navigating various English proficiency tests — and different universities’ requirements — can be stressful. Yale offers a suggested list of potential exam types, but also stresses to its applicants that English proficiency is just one piece of a larger admissions picture.

Two years after Salovey establishes DEI plans, students question staying power of Belonging at Yale Initiative

With Salovey’s five-year DEI plan underway, students interviewed by the News questioned whether Yale’s ambitions to advocate for a sense of school belonging are being fulfilled.

Megan Ranney to serve as next dean of School of Public Health

Ranney, who is set to begin her term this July amid a historic transformation of the Yale School of Public Health, promised to prioritize inclusion and community engagement during her tenure.

YCC holds referendum on Yale Corp democratization

Starting Monday, students will be able to vote on two yes-or-no questions regarding the election process for the Board of Trustees; voting will close Friday at 9 a.m.

A tale of two presidents: Salovey plans collaboration with Harvard’s newest leader

As Claudine Gay takes on Harvard’s presidency, the News looked into the work of the Yale and Harvard presidents — and the moments that bring them together.