ANALYSIS: How much does Yale invest in military weapons manufacturing?

Little information on the University’s investments is publicly available, yet the extent of Yale’s holdings in weapons manufacturing remains a longstanding source of student concern, particularly in the recent wave of mass protests.

Over 2,300 alumni, parents and students sign letter to withhold donations until Yale divests

In an April 19 letter to the Yale Corporation, signatories pledged to withhold donations until Yale divests from military weapons manufacturers and expressed solidarity with student protesters.

Faculty divided over University response to divestment protests and student arrests

Faculty members composed two separate letters criticizing the University’s response to pro-Palestine protests: one criticizing Monday’s arrests, and another urging the University to respond more aggressively to protect Jewish students.

Yale’s cultural groups respond to student arrests, extend support to pro-Palestine protesters

After Yale police arrested 48 pro-Palestine student protesters on Monday morning, several of the University’s cultural groups released statements condemning the University’s response and expressing support for the students involved in the protests.

University clarifies policy on structures following removal of protest bookshelf, encampment

Secretary and Vice President for University Life Kimberly Goff-Crews emailed the University community to “clarify” the University’s position on structures, following the removal of a pop-up bookshelf and an encampment erected by pro-Palestine protesters on Beinecke Plaza. Protesters said they feel unfairly targeted by the policy.

Salovey email overcounts protester arrests

In a Monday afternoon email, Yale President Peter Salovey said 60 protesters had been arrested on Beinecke Plaza. The News confirmed, however, that there were 48 arrests; Salovey has not yet publicly acknowledged his apparent error.

Salovey addresses student arrests, threatens disciplinary action

In a Monday email, Yale President Peter Salovey wrote that the morning arrest of 47 pro-divestment student protesters encamped on Beinecke Plaza was because students did not heed administrators’ warnings.

Yale police arrest 47 student protesters for trespassing on Beinecke Plaza

After Yale police made morning arrests on Beinecke Plaza, hundreds of protesters moved to blockade the intersection of Grove and College Streets until rush hour, moving then to Cross Campus. The News followed the day live.

Pro-divestment protesters continue Beinecke encampment for third day under threat of disciplinary action

The encampment began Friday, continuing a weeklong surge of protests on Beinecke Plaza in favor of military weapons divestment. Over 250 pro-Palestine protesters are occupying 40 tents on the plaza as of late Sunday night.

Salovey breaks silence on divestment protests in Sunday email

Yale President Peter Salovey said that the University “will pursue disciplinary actions according to its policies,” in reference to the ongoing encampment on Beinecke Plaza. He also wrote that there have been reports of “intimidation and harassment,” which he said Yale police are investigating.

No arrests for second night in a row as pro-divestment protesters maintain overnight encampment on Beinecke Plaza

Despite warnings of possible disciplinary action past 11:30 p.m. from administrators, pro-divestment protesters announced after midnight that there would be no arrests made. The encampment has expanded to 40 tents and will remain on Beinecke Plaza overnight.