Students express concern over academic accommodations for religious holidays

Several religious Yalies pointed to inconsistencies in the University’s accommodations for religious holidays, especially pointing to variance among deans.

Students push for guaranteed religious accommodations as new housing process takes effect

The new Yale College housing process prevents students from posing requests for religious and cultural accommodations to their respective residential college deans or chaplain’s offices.

Trimble appointed Morse College dean after two-month vacancy

Morse College’s new dean is a trained singer, a paper crane enthusiast and a former personal trainer.

Salovey signals interest in South Asian partnerships

Yale is reviewing potential academic partnerships in universities in South Asia on the guidance of the President’s Council on International Activities.

“You can’t be what you can’t see”: A look at female representation in Yale’s administrative leadership

With nine out of the University’s 15 schools now led by female deans, faculty reflect on the future of diversity and representation in Yale’s upper administrative positions.

Salovey increases financial support for scholars at risk

The University promised to expand funding and support for scholars facing dangerous conditions in their home countries — but some are questioning if recent changes are enough.

University leaders issue AI guidance in response to growing popularity of ChatGPT

Students, professors and administrators anticipate significant changes to teaching and learning at Yale as artificial intelligence technology continues to improve and develop.

Yale Health announces new location for COVID-19 vaccine clinic

On Jan. 27, Yale Health’s Interim Director Nanci Fortgang announced that the Yale COVID-19 vaccine clinic will relocate to 55 Lock Street.

“An imbalance of power”: Students criticize YPD for limited reforms

As YPD implements a new differential response model to emergency calls, student activists have continued to push for abolition.

Students raise concerns about off-campus living cost amid Yale College housing shortage

Even as a new streamlined housing process takes effect this spring, students remain concerned about being pushed off campus and the costs it may bring, leading one Yale College Council Senator to propose a policy which would prioritize FGLI students in the housing process.

Faculty vie for larger role in University governance

Faculty are pushing for the establishment of a Yale chapter of the American Association of University Professors in order to push faculty influence on administrative decisions.