Delayed, disrespected and deadnamed: Transgender students face barriers to healthcare at Yale

The News spoke to 17 students and faculty about their experiences seeking gender-affirming care at Yale Health. All but one of those interviewed described having to work around numerous hurdles within a confusing system of care.

Students Unite Now organizes rally for financial aid transparency and mental health care reform

The rally, which took place in Beinecke Plaza on April 25, featured student testimonies and raised concerns over Yale’s financial aid and mental health care policy.

UP CLOSE | Pressure to project growth: The struggle to package mental illness in a college application

Students who face mental health challenges often grapple with what or how much to disclose in their college applications.

Yale to award first Black student a posthumous degree

The push to award Pennington his degree 186 years after he studied at Yale has been far from easy, but student groups see the Board of Trustees’ decision as a step in the right direction.

Salovey responds to student criticisms over involvement in Yale U.S.-China Colloquium

Salovey told the News that Yale must prioritize relationships between academic institutions in the United States and China in spite of political tensions between the two countries.

Student groups call on Yale to cancel contract with British security company, alleging human rights violations

Yalies4Palestine is circulating a resolution to join Columbia and Cornell in divesting from G4S due to the company’s alleged human rights abuses worldwide.

Working group reports on FAS’s treatment of instructional faculty

A coalition of faculty and administrative members released a report through the FAS Dean’s Office on Yale’s treatment of instructional faculty.

UP CLOSE | The boss’ boss: Who makes Yale’s most controversial decisions?

As alumni and students call the role of the Board of Trustees into questions, University stakeholders told the News that the president of the Board of Trustees has been relinquished to just another seat at the Corporation table.

Jason Fish to succeed Genecin as CEO of Yale Health

Fish, the chief medical officer of Southwestern Health Resources in Texas, will take the helm of Yale’s student health services.

UP CLOSE | Dwindling returns: Scholarship displacement and the struggle to maximize scholarship utility

Scholarship displacement is a process that uses outside awards to reduce internally-funded financial aid.

Housing lottery begins under reformed draw process

After the announcement that the University would standardize the housing draw across residential colleges, Dean of Yale College Pericles Lewis told the News what students can expect in current and future years.