Frank Jackson, Pierson dining hall icon, set to retire after 17 years at Yale

Jackson, dining hall staff and students reflect on his life and time at the University.

Three candidates nominated for Yale Corporation election in first year without petition process 

The Yale Corporation Alumni Fellow election is currently underway and will conclude in late May when a candidate is elected to the Yale Corporation.

Hundreds rally for Yale to recognize graduate student union

After receiving support from the majority of Yale graduate students, the unrecognized graduate student union Local 33 took to the streets to demand improved working conditions and benefits.

Yale Admissions Office looks back on “triumphant” reading season

Yale admitted 4.46 percent of applicants in March.

Marvin Chun, first Asian American dean of Yale College, reflects on term

Chun will conclude his five-year term in June. His successor has not yet been announced.

UP CLOSE | Is the Yale-China relationship in jeopardy?

A historical leader in forging relationships with Chinese academics, Yale has weathered the storm of rising geopolitical tensions. But as cracks begin to appear, the University's future actions could situate it as either a bridge — or another divide — between the United States and China.

Two of Salovey’s Yale and Slavery commitments remain unrealized after half a year

In October, University President Peter Salovey pledged to establish ties with HBCUs and TCUs and to create a physical memorial to recognize Yale’s ties to slavery. Yet the University has gone silent since, leaving students and New Haven residents to wonder whether those words will be turned into action.

Push to award Yale’s first Black student a posthumous degree faces administrative setbacks

Rev. James Pennington attended Yale nearly 200 years ago, and now some students want to give him a degree.

Graduate and professional students condemn new Yale Corporation election policy

Students raise call of “speculative fear mongering” with change prohibiting candidates to petition for election to Board of Trustees.

What does the future hold for Russian studies at Yale?

Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, University administrators discuss how Yale has adjusted to changing relationships with institutions, faculty and scholars based in Russia — and what’s next.

Yale files motions to dismiss antitrust case

Yale and other members of the 568 Presidents Group filed a joint motion to dismiss the antitrust case brought against them in January. Yale also filed an individual motion, claiming their 2008 suspension of the consensus methodology exempts them from legal action