Yale endowment grows 0.8 percent, its lowest since the Great Recession

The University’s annual return of $266 million was driven down by the bleak financial environment but ran ahead of figures so far released by peer institutions.

Genecin, Chen to depart from Yale Health

The two administrators helped steer the University’s healthcare facility through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Salovey promises to clarify donorship protocols

The University’s gift policy committee, convened by the president after the Grand Strategy program controversy, recommended stronger policies regarding academic freedom in its May report.

Yale’s global strategy takes ground-up approach

Senior administrators signaled that the University is taking a step back from larger global strategy initiatives, instead focusing on smaller, faculty-led projects.

Communications at Yale: Continued University growth has formed a complex media atmosphere

The office's stringent media policies stand in stark contrast to those that existed a decade ago, through which reporters had significant access to the University president, administrators and trustees.

Being sick at Yale, but not with COVID

Students who report symptoms of respiratory viruses but do not test positive for COVID described difficulty accessing class and hospitality resources as the semester shifts into gear.

Students and faculty ramp up calls for Yale to create ombuds office

The University, which is the only Ivy League school without a University-wide independent office dedicated to conflict resolution for students, faculty and staff, has a history of pushing back on the proposal.

Some graduate students air stipend concerns as inflation rates hit record levels

Although the graduate school increased stipends for this school year, workers must still contend with sky-high costs-of-living.

Carbon Charge program set to fund climate initiatives

Revenue from the Carbon Charge program will be used as funding for emissions reduction initiatives on campus starting this year.

Public safety leadership restructured as a part of work to “reimagine” policing at Yale

Over the summer, University President Peter Salovey appointed Ronnell Higgins, formerly the Yale police chief, to the role of associate vice president for public safety and community engagement.

Students, staff herald return of study abroad programs

Students reflected on their summer after participating in Yale language programs abroad.