Yale to shift resources to intro classes, hire post-docs for some upper-level seminars as student body grows

With Yale set to welcome larger-than-usual classes of sophomores and first years the next academic year, professors and the Yale administration are taking steps to […]

‘It can’t stop at the syllabus’: English professors and students reflect on syllabi diversity in foundational courses

Four years ago, English department faculty voted to change the major’s requirements by including two foundational courses — now called “American Literature” and “Readings in Comparative […]

Exterior of Linsly-Chittenden Hall from Old Campus during the day
‘Even when it’s successful, the process takes its toll’: How tenure works — and doesn’t — at Yale

Yale-NUS Dean of Faculty elected as Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research fellow

Yale-NUS Dean of Faculty Jeannette Ickovics was recently elected as a fellow of the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research.  The ABMR is an international network […]

Yale professors weigh in on impeachment

As the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump came to a close on Saturday, Feb. 13 with the U.S. Senate voting 57-43 to convict […]

Of 54 registered in-person classes, some hold off, others begin meeting this week

While Associate Research Scientist Man-Ki Yoon plans to transition to in-person teaching in March, for now, virtual machines running car simulators hooked to the computers […]

Graduate school deadlines present roadblock for senior athletes, but individual programs may consider extensions

Last Thursday, Yale’s graduating class of student-athletes learned that the Ivy League had granted a waiver permitting seniors to compete in their sport next season […]

‘We will be living with the effects for decades to come’: Employees criticize Yale’s childcare policies

On Feb. 3, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Tamar Gendler wrote an email to faculty letting them know that recent efforts to […]

Catfishing, virality and spats: The Yale professors of Twitter

One day, Scott Shapiro LAW ’90, professor of law and philosophy, was walking home from a convenience store when he saw a bird smash into […]

The heart’ of the University is still beating, albeit a little differently

At the entrance to Sterling Memorial Library, the phrase “The Library is the heart of the University” is engraved into the facade. With reading rooms […]

SOM students, professor track corporate greenhouse gas emissions

Information on corporate efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is now publicly available, thanks to research conducted at the Yale School of Management by professor […]