Senate raises further alarms about suspended professors

The FAS Senate passed a resolution urging Yale to establish a committee to review policies related to the protection of professors under federal scrutiny.

Not the full story: Seeking eugenics history in Yale’s science curriculum

Across Yale University, students and faculty are left grappling with the afterlife of eugenics and considering how this history should be addressed in the science curriculum.

COLLOQUIUM: Senior theses on Asian American issues

Graduating seniors from various disciplines dedicated their theses to Asian American issues this past academic year. Read to learn more about their projects.

“Community and initiative”: A history of Yale’s Korean Studies

The unofficial Yale Korean studies program has come a long way since its origins in 1947

Illustration by Cecilia Lee
Yale’s labs aim to address chronic energy inefficiency

Yale’s labs are some of the most energy-intensive buildings on campus. Sustainability experts agreed that infrastructure and behavioral changes are needed to make labs energy efficient.

Kimball Smith Series hosts panel discussion on nuclear weapons

The Kimball Smith Series, which is in its first year, hosted an event on nuclear weapons on Friday.

Lawyers assess Yale’s efforts to dismiss antitrust suit brought against it

Legal experts share that motions to dismiss are standard practice, and are unlikely to influence the case’s outcome.

Survey reveals strong feelings of exclusion among marginalized groups in Yale’s math department

A soon-to-be-released report shows that many in the math department are dissatisfied with departmental diversity. Interviews with members of the climate committee demonstrated the difficulties of diversifying the sciences, as well as the hopeful bright spots for progress.

Yale professor chairs advisory committee for first Eastern European artificial intelligence institute 

Computer science professor Dragomir Radev traveled to Bulgaria to speak at the launch event for INSAIT, the first artificial intelligence and computer science institute in Eastern Europe

Residential college dining halls reopen to faculty

Residential college dining halls have reopened to faculty and professors, allowing for professor-student meals to resume after a COVID-19 induced hiatus.

Two Yale professors selected as Guggenheim Fellows

Daphne Brooks and Milan Svolik have been selected by the Guggenheim Foundation as fellows in the fields of theater arts and performance studies and political science.