Slavic Department grapples with Russia’s war on Ukraine

Amidst Russia’s war on Ukraine, administrators, staff and students in Yale’s Slavic Languages and Literatures Department cope with learning and teaching Russophonic culture.

Build-your-own-major: Yale’s overlooked special divisional major

The News spoke to the only two declared special divisional majors on why they chose to pursue it and the ups and downs of doing so.

CS50 bumps maximum ULA paycheck, avoiding potential strike

Administrators increased the number of possible hours undergraduate staff be paid for teaching the popular introductory computer science lecture.

Yale’s application-based majors have dwindled in recent years

As two popular majors switched to prerequisite systems in recent years, other programs have weighed the costs and benefits of limiting their cohorts.

Sunil Amrith Wins the 2022 Dr. A.H. Heineken Prize for History

Yale history professor Sunil Amrith was among the 12 laureates honored by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences on Thursday.

Yale College adds new Islamic studies certificate

The new interdisciplinary certificate, which allows students to explore Islam in a wide variety of contexts, will be led by Director Supriya Gandhi.

Yale’s global strategy takes ground-up approach

Senior administrators signaled that the University is taking a step back from larger global strategy initiatives, instead focusing on smaller, faculty-led projects.

Yale experts weigh in on rising costs and consumer spending

Despite damage control efforts by the government, rising costs still pose a detriment to consumer purchase power, Yale professors shared.

Students and faculty reflect on one-week add-drop period without Friday classes

This semester, the University shortened add-drop period to a single week, a move exacerbating concerns brought by last year’s elimination of shopping period.

Computer science expands hiring, course offerings to meet record high demand

With the highest-ever number of students taking computer science courses, the department is looking to usher in a new era with broader research and scholarship opportunities.

Draft report shows administrative size and salaries soared as faculty hiring stalled

The draft report, which has so far not been endorsed or released by the Senate, expresses deep concerns about the University’s bureaucracy and represents a push towards shared governance.