Yale professors launch biological anthropology research program in Argentina

For more than 20 years, professors Eduardo Fernandez-Duque and Claudia Valeggia have conducted field research in Northern Argentina, a region ​​home to some of the […]

FAS plans hiring spree as Yale faculty size lags behind peers

The University will aim to fill more than 70 tenure track positions in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in three dozen departments following administrative recommitments to invest in faculty.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences retirements tripled last year, University announces

Forty members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences retired last year, a figure three times higher than in a typical year. Dean of the […]

Multiple Yale College classes move outdoors for increased pandemic protection

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, some Yale College instructors have opted to reduce the pandemic’s spread and embrace the fall weather, moving their lessons beyond […]

Students flock to Old Campus for annual Fall Fest

With pumpkins, warm cider and a tractor parked on Old Campus, Yale Hospitality hosted its annual Fall Fest this past Saturday for the first time […]

LATINX SPECIAL ISSUE: Marietta Vazquez first Latina named YSM assoc. Dean

Marietta Vazquez ’90, a professor in pediatrics at the Yale School of Medicine, has made strides to connect the medical institution and the community she […]

LATINX SPECIAL ISSUE: Students, faculty reflect on Latin American studies major

Though the Latin American studies major is small — with between three and 12 seniors graduating each year — four affiliates underscored its importance, particularly […]

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FAS welcomes its most diverse set of ladder faculty

Yale welcomed 26 scholars to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences this fall — its most diverse cohort ever. The new academics joining the ladder […]

Faculty access to on-campus meals remains restricted

Faculty have been prohibited from eating at residential college dining halls during the semester. The rule was instituted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and restricts […]

Yale lawyers file to dismiss Bandy Lee’s free speech suit

Yale’s lawyers have filed to dismiss a free expression case brought against the University by Bandy Lee MED ’94 DIV ’95, a psychiatrist and former […]

After resignation, Beverly Gage and fellow Yale faculty sound alarm on academic freedom

After announcing her resignation from the Grand Strategy program, history professor Beverly Gage expressed concerns about the influence donors have over academic expression at Yale. […]