Professor William Jennings highlighted for work tying together race, religion and the environment

William “Willie” Jennings, associate professor of systematic theology and Africana studies at the Yale Divinity School, discussed his work bridging theology and race in an […]

Mary Li Hsu ’80, who nurtured Asian American life at Yale, dies at 63

Hsu, who as an undergraduate advocated for Asian Americans on campus, later returned to her alma mater as the first director of the Asian American Cultural Center as well as an assistant dean.

Urban Studies draws new alumni network

Connecting graduates from across schools and fields, the network seeks to bolster professional opportunities for undergraduates in the major.

Yale economists react to increased inflation

Four Yale economics professors expressed varying levels of concern about new inflation figures released Wednesday morning.

University announces details of climate action strategy

In order to achieve zero actual carbon emissions on campus by 2050, the University will modify the Yale Carbon Charge and increase renewable energy use.

First-ever Yale affiliate wins A.SK Social Science Award

On Nov. 2, political science professor James Scott traveled to Berlin to receive the A.SK Social Science Award for his research on government intervention and economic policy in Southeast Asia.

“Firing on all pistons”: Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations bounces back

The department — which teaches everything from modern literature to archaeological excavation — has seen an infusion of new faculty over the past five years.

Child care remains burdensome for Yale’s working parents

Though COVID-19 cases remain low, children have returned to school and the University Provost has announced new benefits, Yale’s working parents say that securing affordable, quality child care remains taxing — and that it disproportionately affects women in the workplace.

Mother of two Stacey Bonet said that COVID fears remain in play.
Mother of two Stacey Bonet said that COVID fears remain in play.
Yale Economic Growth Center kicks off symposium on development economics

The EGC hosted a symposium that focused on development economics while celebrating the 60th anniversary of the center’s founding.

After Gage’s resignation, Michael Brenes takes helm of Grand Strategy program

In response to Beverly Gage’s resignation announcement, which was motivated by concerns of inappropriate donor influence over the curriculum, Michael Brenes is slated to assume the interim director position next semester.

FAS Senate calls for Yale to put academic freedom safeguards in gift policies

The Senate released its resolution after its investigation into history professor Beverly Gage’s resignation from the Grand Strategy program.