Yale researcher encourages sustainability efforts in healthcare

A Yale researcher recently published an article arguing for increased sustainability efforts within the healthcare profession through decreasing the demand for care. In an analysis […]

Yale researchers identify Americans’ willingness to prepare for “climate change” versus “extreme weather”

From the catastrophic forest fires in California to the recent flooding of Yale’s dormitories, the impacts of climate change are becoming more apparent to many […]

Yale leads effort to explore multi-hazard climate risks in the Himalayas

Researchers at Yale have found that the rapid rate of urbanization in Nepal is a signal to government agencies to better inform people of the data surrounding the risks associated with climate change.

Photo looking up at Himalayan forest
University researchers join consortium studying public health in the Caribbean

The Yale Center on Climate Change and Health, within a 25-organization consortium, is organizing a conference dedicated to launching research initiatives to address adverse public health outcomes due to climate change in the Caribbean.

The School of Public Health sign in front of the building
Yale astronomer leads team in the study of an ultra-hot Jupiter

In a recently published study, an international collaboration of astronomers studied the atmosphere of an exoplanet similar in size and mass to Jupiter but with significant differences in surface temperatures.

Yale researchers study gaps in the world’s biodiversity maps

In a recent study, Yale researchers identified how well the world’s biodiversity is documented in various regions. Filling these data gaps will aid in future environmental conservation efforts.

An illustrated map of the world.
Primordial lightning strikes are potential source of life on Earth, Yale study finds

A new study by researchers at Yale and the University of Leeds suggests that prehistoric lightning bolts may have produced the biologically active phosphorus that […]

Yale launches Carbon Capture Research Center with $100 million donation from FedEx

A $100 million donation from FedEx will help fund Yale’s new Planetary Solutions Project through the launch of the Center for Natural Carbon Capture, which […]

A photo of Kroon Hall, home of the yale school for the environment
Scientists uncover environmental costs of internet use

Some have lauded the transition to the digital world, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, for lowering emissions and being a force of environmental good — […]

Researchers study ancient food webs to account for gaps in fossil records

Researchers have found that the physical remains of soft-bodied species are not accounted for in fossil records, implying that many current models of ancient food […]