International Society of Tropical Foresters hosts 28th Annual Conference

The International Society of Tropical Foresters is hosting its 28th Annual Conference, which will focus on restoration and recovery in the tropics.

Yale Center for Business and Environment Advisory Board welcomes three new members

The Yale Center for Business and Environment’s Advisory Board added three members to its fold.

Yale participants in COP26 reflect on conference, aim for more action in COP27

More than 20 Yale affiliates across Yale College, the Yale School of the Environment, and the Yale Law School traveled to Glasgow to participate in COP26 over the past two weeks.

Yale students and professors shape global environmental policy at COP26 conference

Student participants expressed varying levels of optimism about the conference’s ability to create change.

Yale researchers predict ocean circulation of Pliocene Era

Two teams of Yale researchers independently reached identical conclusions about the nature of Pacific currents in the Pliocene era, a time with carbon dioxide levels […]

YPCCC releases report indicating increasing interest in climate policy amongst American voters

The Yale Program on Climate Change Communications, or YPCCC, recently released a “Politics & Global Warming” report, finding that the majority of surveyed Americans support […]

Flint water crisis lowered birth weight, Yale study finds

Researchers from the Yale School of Public Health, or YSPH, found that babies born to mothers who were exposed to contaminated water from the Flint […]

Yale researchers attribute extreme precipitation in recent years to intensifying “rivers in the sky”

With the onslaught of increasingly frequent floods and storms brought about by climate change, Yale researchers pointed to a possible culprit: the changing course of […]

Yale researcher encourages sustainability efforts in healthcare

A Yale researcher recently published an article arguing for increased sustainability efforts within the healthcare profession through decreasing the demand for care. In an analysis […]

Yale researchers identify Americans’ willingness to prepare for “climate change” versus “extreme weather”

From the catastrophic forest fires in California to the recent flooding of Yale’s dormitories, the impacts of climate change are becoming more apparent to many […]

Yale leads effort to explore multi-hazard climate risks in the Himalayas

Researchers at Yale have found that the rapid rate of urbanization in Nepal is a signal to government agencies to better inform people of the data surrounding the risks associated with climate change.

Photo looking up at Himalayan forest