Yale hosts sustainability symposium featuring academic, policy and industry leaders

Last Tuesday, Yale hosted their second annual Increasing Human Potential Symposium featuring leaders in sustainability.

Protecting wildlife is key to sustaining planetary health, Yale study finds

Yale researchers have evaluated the impact of wildlife preservation and biodiversity on meeting Paris Agreement targets.

Earth’s crust dates back earlier than previously thought, Yale study finds

A recent study by two Yale researchers discovered that the Earth’s crust had to have begun growing soon after the planet’s formation to allow for the time needed for mantle convection.

Yale study investigates ecological impact of mussels on coastal marshlands

Research in partnership with the Yale Carbon Containment Lab has evaluated the impact of mussels on stemming sea level increases.

A look into Yale’s Bird-Friendly Building Initiative

The Bird-Friendly Yale Initiative, started by Yale community members, is the first in its history to assess the issue of bird collisions on Yale’s campus.

Yale School of Environment models effects of climate change on global tropical forest loss

A recent study by researchers at the School of the Environment and Woodwell Climate Research Center offers a glimpse into potential climate scenarios and future forests.

Cannabis sales are now legal in Connecticut. How does the drug work?

In light of Connecticut’s recent legalization of recreational adult-use cannabis, an explainer to the science behind the drug.

A look inside the Yale Center for Ecosystems and Architecture

A collaboration between six Yale schools, the Yale CEA seeks to develop new systems for sustainable design and ecology.

Yale experts explain this year’s irregularly warm and wet winter

Many worry that this winter’s temperatures reflect the severity of global warming due to its relatively high temperatures, but there may be both short-term and long-term effects that caused the warmer and wetter winter.

Yale study discovers animals’ crucial role in tropical forest restoration through seed dispersal

A new YSE study, led by Sergio Estrada-Villegas and conducted in central Panama, indicates animals are key players in seed dispersal of recovering tropical forests.

Yale honors nine-year old scientist Bobbi Wilson for lanternfly donation

Nine-year old Bobbi Wilson, who toured Yale labs after a viral racial profiling incident, returned to Yale for a ceremony celebrating her lanternfly donation to the Peabody Museum.