Two Yale centers partner to launch clean and equitable energy development certificate program 

The certificate program, housed at Yale Center for Business and the Environment and the Yale Center for Environmental Justice, aims to train working professionals to develop clean, equitable energy infrastructure in their communities.

What to know for watching the solar eclipse at Yale

While some students plan to see the eclipse in its full totality in Vermont, students and families in New Haven can view Connecticut’s 91 percent partial solar eclipse at the Leitner Family Observatory and Planetarium.

How to build a dinosaur: exploring the Peabody Museum’s renovation process

Over four years, the Peabody Museum undertook a detailed restoration of their fossil samples which includes 250 specimens and 653 slides as they redesigned fossil exhibits to match the latest research.

Government officials celebrate opening of Peabody Museum

Mayor Elicker and Superintendent Madeline Negrón emphasized the importance of the museum’s new free entrance and expressed optimism about the collaboration between the Peabody, New Haven Public Schools and the larger New Haven community.

Canadian Studies Conference reflects on last year’s record wildfires

Attendees at the conference“Smoke from Canada: Climate Change, Forest Fires, and the Future” took a look at some of the impacts left by last year’s Canadian wildfires.

Yale researchers call for more studies on chronic climate change and mental health

A new Yale-led study found a lack of research on the effects of chronic climate change and mental health.

Yale Graduate Students dive into Sustainability Conversations at GreenBiz24 Conference

Yale School of the Environment and School of Management students traveled to Phoenix, Arizona from Feb. 12 to Feb. 14 to attend the largest annual sustainability business conference in the United States.

School of the Environment conference looks to the future of tropical forests

In its 30th annual conference, the International Society of Tropical Foresters discussed the challenges and future of tropical forest management.

Yale-led study finds ozone-related deaths likely to rise if the world fails to meet the Paris Agreement

Failure to limit the global temperature increase means ground-level ozone mortality will rise dramatically, researchers predict.

Yale looks to continue buying carbon offsets since starting in 2020

University officials told the News that they hope Yale’s continued purchasing of carbon offsets might guide Yale toward a carbon-zero future as some researchers have criticized the industry for exaggerating the benefits of carbon offsets.

Environmental Humanities highlights importance of interdisciplinary studies in welcome back panel 

On Wednesday, the Yale Environmental Humanities program hosted a panel with graduate students and a faculty member who presented their projects; they each highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to studying the environment.