Yale students, faculty attend UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai

As the world’s largest annual climate gathering enters its second week, several Yalies spoke with the News about discussions so far and what they expect from the conference.

‘Good, science-based reporting’: 15 years of Yale-based environmental publication

Founded in 2008, the Yale Environment 360 Magazine has continued to deliver coverage of environmental issues around the world.

Yale team awarded $5 million from Department of Energy to combat climate change

Researchers from the Yale School of the Environment will examine the impact of natural carbon-capture methods to reduce global warming

Engineering professor to build water-splitting device for hydrogen production

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded professor Shu Hu with $1.25 million to build the device as part of a larger program that aims to advance technology in hydrogen energy.

School of the Environment takes on Climate Week NYC 2023

Students from the Yale School of Environment joined thousands in New York for this year’s Climate Week.

Meteor shower ‘hits’ Peabody Museum

The Peabody Museum of Natural History has nearly doubled its collection of meteorites, thanks to a donation of an estimated 1,800 meteorite specimens from the Planetary Studies Foundation, becoming one of the largest meteorite collections in the world.

Yale researchers identify racial disparities in clean air access

A team at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine has uncovered that Black communities are especially vulnerable to harmful air pollutants, casting doubt on clean air policy.

Yale hosts sustainability symposium featuring academic, policy and industry leaders

Last Tuesday, Yale hosted their second annual Increasing Human Potential Symposium featuring leaders in sustainability.

Protecting wildlife is key to sustaining planetary health, Yale study finds

Yale researchers have evaluated the impact of wildlife preservation and biodiversity on meeting Paris Agreement targets.

Earth’s crust dates back earlier than previously thought, Yale study finds

A recent study by two Yale researchers discovered that the Earth’s crust had to have begun growing soon after the planet’s formation to allow for the time needed for mantle convection.

Yale study investigates ecological impact of mussels on coastal marshlands

Research in partnership with the Yale Carbon Containment Lab has evaluated the impact of mussels on stemming sea level increases.