Yale study finds disproportionate environmental protection across neighborhoods in California

Though the pandemic curbed air pollution across California, researchers found incredible disparities among communities in exactly how much their air quality improved — with an interest in the racial and socioeconomic position of such communities.

Researchers find infrastructure inequality prevents sustainable urbanization

A joint study analyzed the presence of infrastructure inequalities determined by preferential bias and how such inequalities are exacerbated by urbanization.

Yale-led study analyzes origins of oxidation states in powerful volcanoes

A collaborative, international study led by Yale researchers studied the process of how magmatic arcs become oxidized, citing sediment layers of subducted oceanic plates as a possible explanation.

Yale researchers find collective activism can be a buffer for ecoanxiety and depression

A study conducted by faculty from Yale and Suffolk University found that climate change-related anxiety and depression could be combated by participating in collective action against climate change.

Yale report shows business students want better corporate climate practices

Two Yale graduate schools collaborated to publish a report on business students’ perspectives on the environment.

Collaborative study of ancient DNA unearths patterns of life in the Stone Age

A new study involving genomic sequencing from ancient DNA has provided insights into the interactions between ancient foragers of Africa prior to practices of farming and herding animals.

Changes in Earth’s oxygen levels sculpted origins of multicellular diversity

Yale scientists provide a strong new timeline for how changes in the early Earth’s oxygen levels may have influenced the evolution of multicellular life forms on this planet — and perhaps others.

Yale business center hosts inaugural Clean Energy Conference

In April, Yale’s first clean energy conference will feature prominent panelists, speakers and alumni in collaboration with the Center for Business and Environment at Yale and several of Yale’s professional schools.

Yale students advise state officials on engaging marginalized communities in climate change resilience tactics

Yale School of the Environment and UVM Law School students presented a report on climate change resilience and marginalized communities to a state council.

Students and faculty at Yale School of the Environment create playbook for ecosystem restoration

A recent paper co-authored by YSE students and faculty details principles which can make ecosystem restoration projects more effective and equitable.

Yale researchers highlight environmental health disparities in LGBTQ+ populations

Two researchers at the Yale School of the Environment published a paper spotlighting the environmental health burden that members of the LGBTQ+ community experience.