A look inside the Yale Center for Ecosystems and Architecture

A collaboration between six Yale schools, the Yale CEA seeks to develop new systems for sustainable design and ecology.

Yale experts explain this year’s irregularly warm and wet winter

Many worry that this winter’s temperatures reflect the severity of global warming due to its relatively high temperatures, but there may be both short-term and long-term effects that caused the warmer and wetter winter.

Yale study discovers animals’ crucial role in tropical forest restoration through seed dispersal

A new YSE study, led by Sergio Estrada-Villegas and conducted in central Panama, indicates animals are key players in seed dispersal of recovering tropical forests.

Yale honors nine-year old scientist Bobbi Wilson for lanternfly donation

Nine-year old Bobbi Wilson, who toured Yale labs after a viral racial profiling incident, returned to Yale for a ceremony celebrating her lanternfly donation to the Peabody Museum.

The magma highway: Yale researchers model journey of primordial isotopes from earth’s core to crust

Yale scientists have quantitatively modeled how the isotopic composition of ocean islands is achieved, employing the novel core-to-mantle diffusion theory

School of Environment experts weigh in on fear and bias in ecological research

Researchers at the Yale School of Environment advocate for a greater inquiry into negative human experiences in environmental scholarship.

Study on northern treeshrews reveals climate change’s effects on ecogeographical evolution

A recently published study on the evolution of the northern treeshrew details the evolutionary breakage of several ecogeographical rules as climate change progresses.

Yale researchers establish link between plant structure evolution and drought resistance

A cross-institutional collaboration including Yale faculty has led to the publication of a paper detailing the role of plant structure in determining outcomes during drought conditions.

Yalies travel to Egypt for COP27 climate summit

Students and faculty flocked to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt to attended the COP27 climate summit to address the pressing concerns around climate change and the environment.

Gold rating on recent report shows Yale’s sustainability progress

The University earned its second gold rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s STARS rating system.

Five-year program at YSE shapes leaders in environmental science

Yale College students interested in pursuing a career in environmental science have the opportunity to complete a master’s degree at the Yale School of the Environment in one year instead of the customary two.