Pure pandemonium in Yale rooming frenzy 2000

Right after winter break, the leaks in the dike were almost imperceptible. I’d sit down at dinner and overhear someone wonder aloud about the pros […]

Exploiting the human psyche for McNuggets and profit

Last week, my introductory psychology class read a book called “Remembering Satan” by Lawrence Wright. I read it too. I mention that not just to […]

Meet the Corporation and 16 cold shoulders

I was pretty excited on Friday. I finally got to see the Yale Corporation. True, it was from several feet away, and none of them […]

Distortion unnecessary in abortion

Distortion, evading the question and just plain stupidity are often very good ways out of a debate. If you are — or pretend to be […]

Coming together on campaign finance reform

Politics is perception. Nowhere is this popular maxim truer than in the case of campaign finance reform. Overall, there is startlingly scant evidence to suggest […]

Bush aims to help minorities, if they’ll let him

Throughout the fall campaign, the Democrats paid great lip service to the ideal of inclusion. Al Gore planned to create a big tent under which […]

Refocusing the RU-486 debate at Yale

On Monday, the Yale community was shocked or delighted to learn Yale will be offering the morning-after pill RU-486 to students and staff under its […]

University policy ignores King legacy

Pop quiz: True or false: Yale College graduated as many blacks in 1969 as in 1996. True or false: Yale’s African American Studies program only […]

Hard times make bright college years dim

Remember Yale’s Alma Mater, “Bright College Years?” (Hint: You have mumbled the lyrics at least once, during freshman assembly your first week at Yale). It […]

Yugoslavia revolts without bloodshed

The 20th century will someday be remembered as a dark age in the history of politics. It is a century that has seen two world […]