CROZIER: Thin blurred line

On April 15, the Civilian Police Oversight Agency in Chicago released bodycam footage of the March 29 shooting of Adam Toledo. He was just 13 […]

WILLIAMS: Prioritization: a lack thereof

Medicine and health development is incentivized by economics. The narrative of the Ebola vaccine is a testament to this reality. While I have serious ethical […]

SAPRE: Checking my privilege

There are days when I don’t like Rory Gilmore. As a student at a university whose widespread representation as a paradigm of talent and privilege […]

DUNSON: Defining justice

My rite of passage was not a grandiose event. It did not come with a celebration. There were no parties or gifts or anything of […]

ZHANG: Settling down roots

Some of my first initiation rites into American society took place in the vintage green booths of a Burger King. It’s a bit of a […]

LEE: The “Asian American Name”

Among my peers and friends at Yale, only a select few know that I’ve been harboring a secret since the day I arrived on this […]

ZHANG: Forsan Et Haec Olim Meminisse Iuvabit

“A joy it will be one day, perhaps, to remember even this.” —Aeneid Last week I noticed that my town’s main street started the daily […]

CROZIER: Easier than love

“Let’s get a meal sometime!” This phrase echoed through my brain as I received the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine this week. Now vaccinated, […]

ONGURU: Recollections

While it is indeed vital to ensure that the class of 2025 also has a smooth transition to college life, there also needs to be a plan to restore to the class of 2024 what was abruptly taken from us.

BITTON: Cultivating innocence

“Yale students are incredibly mature.” I can hardly count the number of times that I have heard this statement, often uttered to celebrate the student […]

WILLIAMS: Our mental burden

It feels all too surreal, this world we find ourselves in. A year ago, I remember being excited to work from home and save money […]