DE GENNARO: College is more than finding a career

The new year invariably commences with blasts of fireworks and self-improvement, brilliant, but alas, tragically brief. Most still have a few weeks before they realize […]

SAPRE: With grief in my heart

If grief is the cousin of love, I have been in mourning since the day I stepped foot onto Yale’s campus. While that may be […]

ZENG: What does it mean to retire?

On the one-year anniversary of her retirement, Olympian Laura Zeng ’25 reflects on what moving forward means as a college student.

NAM: Those wretched grades

Shopping — the process of selecting our classes for the coming semester that we undergo twice a year at Yale — is something many of […]

ZHANG: Learning to choose

There are some moments at Yale when I feel like a kid in a candy store — when I’m scrolling through CourseTable’s list or all […]

SAPRE: Love letters

I remember my 10th year of life in Bombay in glimpses: the sheet music for Bach’s “Invention No. 1 in C Major” sitting atop my […]

DUNSON: American ghosts

This week’s midterm elections were a boon for Democrats. Subverting a tradition in which the party in power loses a significant number of Congressional seats, […]

MARKELS: The things I wish could last forever

Is it an inevitable part of being human, to have everything beautiful tinged with the knowledge of its end? It’s finally fall, and it will […]

ZHANG: Second chances

The first of Yale’s life lessons you learn is that getting in was only half the battle. Maybe not even half. There’s schoolwork to contend […]


Kanye “Ye” West is a smooth, round stone rolling down a very steep hill. Those of us that have followed his career saw the first […]

ZHANG: The things we think and say

Barely three weeks after Robert Sarver’s announcement to sell the Phoenix Suns, yet another bombshell drops in Los Angeles. The cynics among us were probably […]