WAGNER: The Uncanny Chat

The film “Twilight: Breaking Dawn — Part 2” had one element that was freakishly creepy — and it had nothing to do with vampires, werewolves or death. It was, in fact, a newborn baby. 

ZENG: Good pain, bad pain

“Hey Laura, you were an Olympian. Can you tell me whether I should be worried about my *insert body part* hurting?”  Recently, I’ve had a […]

PUBLIUS: Celene Bennett ’26 for president, Juan Borrego ’26 for vice president

Editor’s note: Led by two co-presidents, Publius is an independent, member-led body of the Yale Daily News, separate from the newsroom and News editorials. Publius […]

SAPRE: Répondez s’il vous plaît

Imagine this. It’s the week of your birthday. Rendered completely unoriginal by a dire time crunch, you’ve decided to throw together a Barbie-themed birthday party on the weekend. You send out invites to a mix of close friends, class friends, friend crushes and distant acquaintances from an extracurricular organization you are genuinely interested in getting to know. That Friday, you find yourself at a liquor store, staring at a row of Pink Whitney bottles, wishing the Aperol spritz was America’s national beverage instead. How many Pink Whitney bottles do you buy? 

SINGH: A noun, a verb and abortion

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that abortion has become a highly salient issue since Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022. […]

PUBLIUS: The YCC and Why Yale Can’t Care

One would think a school overrun with former student body presidents would care about Yale’s student government. Last year, in a disappointing record-high, the Yale […]

SAPRE: The Day After It Breaks

I’m sitting in my childhood bedroom, staring at the bed up close. My neck is craned slightly, my forehead pressed against the hard mattress. How […]

AMEND: Three Morrison classes we need now

In a Jan. 26 column, I explained why Yale needs to teach more of Toni Morrison. Chief among a whole host of reasons is that […]

SINGH: Take Project 2025 seriously

“Conservatives have to lead the way in restoring sex to its true purpose, & for…ending recreational sex & senseless use of birth control pills.” That […]

AMEND: The Queen’s Gambit

I founded a chess club in Fairfax, Virginia. My grandfather taught me how to play chess from the age of eight, and the game has […]

WARD: A Lesson in Austerity Measures

Students and faculty a few blocks away from Yale are being unjustly punished. Because of the corruption of a bankrupt system run by inept individuals, […]