Has three years of Yale left me unable to think?

Just before Yale’s spring break and my various reunions with friends began, I had my first successful meeting with my professor in weeks. After one […]

Warning: Little pubescent punks eventually grow up

This spring break, I discovered that in the scant weeks since I departed for school in January, this “my brother growing up” business has gotten […]

Why we shouldn’t desert the war on drugs

  Some problems take a bit more effort to solve than others, but that does not mean they are not worth solving. This is especially […]

Something for Congress to investigate

I write to tell you about a conspiracy more insidious than the Clinton pardons. I may be discriminated against for what I say here, but […]

Life-saving drugs, the profit motive and Yale

When I talk about Yale’s ethical licensing policy, most of the time I’m referring to the use of sweatshops in apparel manufacturing. Yale licenses the […]

Analysis of today’s big issues: Vegans, placentas

The problem with being the most influential newspaperman of my generation is that I have to be very choosy about my column topics. Sure, I […]

Dysfunctional democrats are sure hard to kill

Will Rogers once responded to a reporter’s query about his political affiliation by emphatically stating, “I am not a member of an organized political party. […]

Closet conservatives don’t protest, they get rich

Warning: This column may not be suitable for frothing-at-the-mouth lefties, and they should feel free and encouraged to stop reading now, put down the Yale […]

What Eminem’s fame says about America

Eminem performed with Elton John. Toni Braxton wore a loincloth. Lil’ Bow Wow drove Madonna onto the stage. Jill Scott sang with The Blue Man […]

The monkey approach to senior essays: Just write it

To state the painfully obvious, many senior essay drafts are due this week. Hundreds of important papers are due in the coming days. All this […]

Good Clinton, Evil Clinton conspire in pardons

I wish Bill Clinton would go hibernate somewhere, so I wouldn’t have to keep writing about him. As much as I agree with President George […]