Cross Campus
Hostile takeover.

Commons was just the first domino to fall. Yesterday, signage around campus indicated that numerous residential colleges and academic buildings had been unceremoniously renamed after a certain private equity magnate. But while we would not be surprised if Stephen Schwarzman ’69 could actually afford to monopolize Yale’s naming rights, you can put down the pitchforks: None of it was real.

Church and state.

Though it certainly seems that Schwarzman is a divisive figure on this campus, Pope Francis appears to have secured just-about-uniform admiration. Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy certainly is a fan, calling the Pope “inspiring and enlightening” at a press confence yesterday after attending his Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. High praise.

If you kind of liked it.

Then you should put a ring on it, but only at a discounted price. Such is the resignation at which Ringware — the University’s class ring provider — seems to have arrived, having announced a four-day, 10 percent sale on the jewelry that begins today.

Friendly waters.

For all the Yankees, Mets and Red Sox fans on this campus, representatives from the Miami Marlins’s front office sure seem to love coming to Yale, alma mater of the team’s owner, Jeffrey Loria ’62. Today, Pierson College hosts David Samson, the Marlins president, at a tea.


1956 Massachusetts Senator John Kennedy arrives in New Haven to deliver a speech in support of Democratic Congressional candidate Robert Giaimo. The politicians are set to gather at the Taft Hotel for a brief reception before attending a luncheon that will include, among other programs, Kennedy’s remarks.

Dullness of the times.

Such is what justified the innovation which we began by Tuesday morning’s issue and continue in today’s. If you’re reading this online: Welcome, again, to the new News. And if you’re reading this in print: Get thee to a computer soon.


Pope Francis arrived on American soil yesterday, beginning his tour of the United States with a visit to Washington, D.C. Though he won’t quite make it as far north as New Haven, Saint Thomas More has the University covered — the chapel will livestream His Holiness’s travels over the next few days. Isn’t the Internet great? Habemus papam.

Suddenly religious.

And with yesterday marking the beginning of Yom Kippur, a reverent tone has settled over campus. Though the fact that midterms are just around the corner might be as much a reason as the recent influx of religious figures and festivities.

More than the money.

Remember, folks: Salary isn’t everything. But you should still apply for a job at the Yale Investments Office if you (1) love Yale, (2) love meeting hedge managers or (3) love thinking, at least according to an email from the group that made rounds through University networks last night.

Let’s be real.

Money is, however, ultimately useful, one must admit. Among its powers is the ability to help battle disease, a cause being championed by Sigma Chi at its “Fight Cancer at Woad’s” event. Thus begins the year’s customary series of “do good while you dance at Toad’s” events. Sounds like a perfect mid-production break for the News — we’ll see you there.