Cross Campus

Yale Pundits release statement. After cringing through the recently released On Harvard Time “Beat Yale” video, the Yale Pundits has decided that pranking Harvard would […]

Days are numbered. Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking estimates that humans have only 1,000 years left on earth. According to CBS, Hawking warned that humanity […]

Snapchat goes public. According to Bloomberg, Snapchat filed paperwork for an initial public offering Tuesday. The IPO is expected to raise up to $4 billion, […]

White House correspondent dies. Gwen Ifill, a PBS NewsHour co-anchor who also moderated vice presidential debates and covered eight presidential campaigns, died at the age […]

Supermoon 2016. Last night’s moon was allegedly the largest and brightest witnessed in 69 years, orbiting nearly 20,000 miles closer to the Earth than on […]

Transition begins. President-elect Donald Trump met with President Barack Obama Thursday at the White House. Obama said he felt encouraged that Trump seemed eager to […]

Protests begin. Thousands of anti-Trump demonstrators marched from New York City’s Washington Square Park to Trump Towers on Fifth Avenue yesterday. Once outside, attendees burned […]

Get out and vote. If you are eligible to vote in today’s election, the News implores you to get out and vote. For Yale students […]

The final showdown. With one day left to Election Day, RealClearPolitics’ national average puts Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 just under two points ahead of Donald […]

William F. Buckley Program hosts debate. Chester Finn and Henry Levin discussed school choice policy and charter schools Thursday. Levin is a professor of education […]

More surprises. The FBI began its review of emails belonging to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s LAW ’73 aide Huma Abedin yesterday. FBI director James Comey […]