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Lunch date with Leo. By donating six dollars over the weekend to Home restaurant in Scotland, participants entered a raffle to dine with Academy Award […]

Trump Night Live. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has launched a nightly show on his official Facebook page, broadcast live from his war room in […]


“Malia Obama’s College Pick...”, the Sunday New York Times article that brought us to reminisce on the First Daughter’s New Haven visit did poorly in omitting Hannah Gonzales ’16 from its list of presidential campus representatives. Gonzales, while not a competitor in the Mr. Yale beauty pageant, earned the gig en route to becoming a head tour guide this year. Information is only as good as the source; and apparently, the Times is slipping. CQ


With today’s issue, the Managing Board of 2016 concludes its year at the helm of the Oldest College Daily. And what a year it was — but we’ll save the nostalgia for the News’ View, hopefully imparting nuggets of wisdom along the way. See you on the other side, comrades.

Not so fast, Rumpus.

In case it wasn’t clear, this farewell is a product of introducing our successors, the members of the Managing Board of 2017. We have to elect them first, however, by locking ourselves within 202 York St. for far too many hours on Saturday. Will there be a gap in campus news coverage during that time, you ask? Never; we’ll be ready. Long live the Yale Daily News.

Family first.

Here at Yale, we tend to get so wrapped up in our teams, our clubs, our societies that hosting our actual families on campus serves as a refreshing reminder of the people with whom we most closely associate. Fortunately, Yale’s cultural and arts groups are all kinds of excited to greet your folks with performances throughout the weekend to help you show off how cultured Yale is.

So cultured.

Take, for example, the Whaling Crew’s “Kegs and Eggs” tailgate, to take place before the first Eli home football game at 1 p.m. on Saturday. It may sound debaucherous, but “parents are always welcome,” apparently, as long as they are 21 years of age or older in the state of Connecticut.

Yale’s pastime.

For all the history lining the Yale Bowl, the Eli baseball team is steeped in even more tradition. On Saturday, the Bulldogs will celebrate the 150th anniversary of their first game in throwback threads, no less. Come for the baseball, stay for the vintage vibes.

We have it all.

From culture, to sports, to science and technology — Yale has you covered. The Yale College Council’s big contribution to family weekend is a “fun, classy night” at the Leitner Planetarium on Saturday with all the telescopes you could want. Is it spread day yet?


We’ve put the performance of the University’s endowment above the fold in this issue, but The Wall Street Journal was one of many other publications to jump in on the fun. “Yale Beats Harvard, As Usual,” the Journal’s headline reads. We like their style.


2012 Economics professor Ray Fair — known for his research in macroeconometrics — publishes the results of his latest predictive model, which suggests a statistical dead heat between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election.