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TIRUMALA: Leaving Hogwarts

It’s hard not to feel like Yale is a magical place as a first year. If our gothic castles, mazes of underground tunnels and secret […]

TIRUMALA: What’s your story?

When I meet someone new at Yale, I usually ask a rather unconventional question: “What’s your story?” It’s a weird one — and as anyone […]

TIRUMALA: Waste a summer

I hate Google Calendar. I prefer to keep track of my schedule in my head, thank you very much! But, of course, I’m in the […]

TIRUMALA: Virtue in a vacuum

A few weeks ago, I was discussing a column in the News with some friends. A sophomore overheard us and began to complain about how […]

TIRUMALA: Radio silence

This past weekend, WYBCx, an online radio stream run by Yale students, found itself in a bit of trouble. As Emma Keyes ’19 pointed out […]

TIRUMALA: The only A that matters

Last week, professor Laurie Santos joked in the now infamous course, “Psychology and the Good Life,” that she would give everybody a D. After all, […]

TIRUMALA: You’re not that busy

When you meet someone new at Yale, how do you introduce yourself? Chances are you’ll mention your major, your class year and perhaps even your […]

TIRUMALA: What do you mean?

This past weekend, the Association of Native Americans at Yale put out a strongly worded statement condemning Shaka, a Polynesian dance group on campus. Shaka, […]

TIRUMALA: A weirder game

With the Yale-Harvard game coming up this Saturday, it’s worth remembering that football is, in fact, dangerous. As Dr. Ann McKee of Boston University famously […]

TIRUMALA: Time for tradition

This past weekend, Yalies engaged in the time-honored tradition of scalping tickets for the Yale Symphony Orchestra’s Halloween show. As any junior or senior is […]

TIRUMALA: Right but wrong

The Yale Political Union is a weird bunch. This past weekend, a “whip sheet” — a document sent to advertise an upcoming debate — for […]