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TIRUMALA: Embracing smart partisanship

Compromise can often be more dangerous than doing nothing at all.

TIRUMALA: Include Asian experiences

Asian Americans, a significant minority in this country, are too often forgotten in the important conversation surrounding race in America.

TIRUMALA: College apps all over again

Let’s step back for a moment. These are college clubs — not fancy fellowships, not jobs and in most cases, not even organizations that realistically require specialized knowledge.

TIRUMALA: A course worth having

For Yalies who choose to major in computer science, taking CS50 will prove useful as they progress through upper division courses.

Parenting style linked to alcohol use

Having an authoritarian mother may increase the likelihood that an individual develops alcohol-related problems, according to a new study published in the journal Addictive Behaviors.

TIRUMALA: More tests, please

The midterm and final system is antithetical to the values of higher education.

Minjoo Lee talks solar panels

The News sat down with Professor Minjoo Larry Lee to understand the latest about his research on solar cell technology.