Rebecca Stern
STERN: Anti-social social media

‘Shyness has a strange element of narcissism, a belief that how we look, how we perform, is truly important to other people,” said Andre Dubus […]

Stern: I get high with a little help from my MP3s

Like many of you, I got high this weekend. But it wasn’t from weed — it was from audible drugs, made with online music software. […]

Stern: “Smart” drugs that aren’t so smart

Staying up late to finish last-minute work is a weekly reality for many of us, and the buzzing fear of deadlines is persistently ringing in […]

STERN: Go green — eat your veggies

The Little Salad Shop, a new restaurant serving delicious salads and fresh vegetables on campus, is setting the trend right this semester: eat green food. […]

Stern: Beer is good for you

Stressed? Have a cold one. Unhealthy? Have another. Putting your feet up with a beer can be so much more beneficial than just providing relaxation […]

Stern: America’s new health trend: doggy diets

  We are all familiar with the obesity epidemic facing American men and women today. But have you heard about its threat to man’s best […]

Stern: Justifying your froyo addiction

It is 9 p.m. on a Friday, and Froyo World on High Street is jam-packed with Yalies looking for a special treat at the end […]

Stern: Bikram Yoga: the bad and the ugly

For the 15-dollar student discount price of one class at Bikram Yoga New Haven, one would hope you get at least some of the benefits […]

Stern: Toxic sugar substitutes wreck havoc

Last week, I talked about the effects of artificial sweeteners on your mind: how these chemicals are feeding the American addiction to sweet foods. But […]

Stern: A bittersweet love story

You might not expect that when you casually rip open that package of Splenda for your morning coffee today that you are in fact opening […]

Matter over Mind: Physical exercise is central to memory formation

  Looking to raise your test grades this semester? Most students who are trying to improve their exam performance think that the answer lies in […]