Rebecca Stern
Stern: Modern medicine

It’s ironic that the new environmentally friendly mugs sport the phrase “Yale: Where blue is green.” Funnily enough, as Yale Dining pushes to become “greener,” […]

The new drug on the block: texting

For the parents of today’s “Generation Y” — and the guidance counselors and psychiatrists who meet with these teens — drug abuse and sexual promiscuity […]

Stern: Modern medicine

The past half-century has seen significant scientific achievements and drastic improvements in health care. Many cancers can now be cured through chemotherapy; we’ve mapped the […]

Stern: Time to get physical

At Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, a new rule was instigated for the class of 2010: All students with a Body Mass Index above 30 had […]

Stern: Don’t be ‘SAD,’ let the sunshine in

Most people have heard about seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, in which the gloomy, cold, dark season of winter causes a depressed mood and other […]

Stern: The drinking game of disease

Most of us have grown out of the “five second rule” — if we drop a french fry on the ground in Commons, we would […]

Stern: Learning a different lesson

Last week, I found out that three of my closest friends here have learning disabilities. A couple of them have known for a long time […]

Stern: Foods that make you smarter

With midterms approaching, libraries filling up and students revving their engines for exams and papers, we are all searching for tricks to succeed during this […]

Stern: Too stressed for success

For most of us at Yale, stress is a given part of daily life. This evolutionary mechanism — the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream […]

Stern: For a safer sex week

Sex week at Yale: the student-run, biennial marathon of fetishes, “Defiant Desires” and love. A week for Yalies to talk porn, to speed date, to […]

Stern: Drinking and detoxing

Today begins February, which, at Yale, means three things: freezing temperatures, first papers and Feb Club. Across the country and the world, as part of […]