Payal Marathe
Salovey praises cultural centers

University President-elect Peter Salovey wore two hats during Wednesday afternoon’s panel on the role of cultural centers on Yale’s campus, speaking both as Yale’s next president and as a social scientist.

Columbia professor strips for science

Columbia students strolling into their Monday morning “Frontiers of Science” class this week were in for a surprise. In a bizarre effort to highlight to […]

Cartoon shark joins ocean conservation

The cause to protect endangered marine species has a new versatile spokesperson.

Multiple factors affect HIV prognosis, study shows

In a major advancement for the field of HIV treatment, a new study has identified a more accurate method of suggesting prognosis for HIV patients.

Conservative publisher criticizes affirmative action

Before a full Sudler Hall last night, American Conservative publisher Ron Unz called for Ivy League universities to admit 80 percent of their students randomly and eliminate undergraduate tuition — all in an effort to remedy an “outright corrupt” college admissions process.

Higher antidepressant use in South, study finds

For pharmacists in the business of mood-altering drugs, a recent study conducted through SOM might prompt a move to Tennessee.

After 30 years, film studies balances theory and practice

When Charles Musser ’73 finished his junior year in the 1970s, he decided to take time off — to work on an Oscar-winning documentary.

Study examines link between money and GPA

Who says money can buy success? A recent study released by Laura Hamilton of the University of California finds that on average, the more money […]

Yale alums become YouTube stars

The year 2012 was a big one for YouTube: It featured its first video to ever reach 1 billion views, a hit music video from […]

‘January Joiner’ brings horror to the stage

With the Jan. 9 premiere of “January Joiner” at New Haven’s Long Wharf Theatre, writer Laura Jacqmin ’04 is challenging two conventions of theater by […]

Religious leader emphasizes education

Bawa Jain, secretary-general of the World Council of Religious Leaders, spoke about religious diplomacy during a lecture Wednesday afternoon.