Payal Marathe
Heart failure treatment questioned

Over five million Americans suffer annually from heart failure, yet the medication most often prescribed may not be the most effective.

David Remnick to speak at Princeton’s Class Day

David Remnick, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and editor in chief of The New Yorker, has been named Princeton’s Class Day speaker and will give his […]

YCC | Kyle Tramonte ’15, vice president

After serving on the Freshman Class Council and the Yale College Council, Kyle Tramonte ’15 said he hopes to take an even more active role in campus politics as YCC vice president.

Panel outlines path to Medicare reform

Four panelists agreed that the system is currently unsustainable and offered suggestions on how to improve the program.

Donation funds psychological support for cancer patients

The Yale School of Medicine received a $100,000 gift on Wednesday from a pair of brothers, Tariq and Kamran Farid, to improve its psychological support services.

Hamlin explains babies’ mean streak

Though babies may seem innocent, a new study has found that infants might in fact have a mean streak. The study, which tested both 9- […]

Smilow climbs in rankings

Though only 3 years old, the Smilow Cancer Center at Yale is moving up the rankings as one of the best in the nation.

YEI expands programs, sees app increase

Two business projects that began as part of the institute’s summer fellowship program have recently been sold to large companies.

Huntsman condemns political polarization

Former Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman had a simple request for every student at his talk yesterday — “change the world when you leave this institution.”

Harvard students rally for mental health reform

More than 150 Harvard students rallied for mental health reform last Friday afternoon, chanting “Harvard, we are mad” and urging administrators to take a closer […]

Pierson victorious at Final Cut competition

Thirty-six Yale students were given one hour to turn fish and beans into a culinary delicacy that could impress a New York Times food critic.