Payal Marathe
XC: Top Yalies onscreen

With Oscar nominations recently released, XC highlights some of the notable fictional characters who have rejoiced in their acceptance to this fine Ivy League institution.

Help, I Need a Cookie!

At 11 a.m. on the first Friday of the semester, Commons Dining Hall was filling up for lunch. Weary-eyed students trudged through the door. Some […]

The Buttery Crawl

Like Yale's many buildings, sandwiches can also be named after dead scholars.

News Roundup 10.6

Next Facebook? Clinton Grusd SOM ’12 is suing a former Yale classmate for stealing his business idea.

Breakthrough research nets two profs millions

The National Institutes of Health announced it would award millions of dollars to two Yale professors to support their innovative biomedical research.

New center to promote social skills, emotion research

Though the official launch will not take place until Oct. 1, Yale’s new Center for Emotional Intelligence has already hit the ground running.

Lemur mothers share parenting responsibilities

Lemurs and humans might seem like starkly different creatures, but a recent study by Yale researchers shows that they raise their young in similar ways.

Study links MRI tests, masectomies

Researchers at the School of Medicine have noticed an unintended consequence of the technology when used to diagnose breast cancer — an increase in breast removal surgeries.

New technology improves breast cancer diagnosis

Researchers at the Smilow Cancer Center of Yale-New Haven Hospital may have identified a more accurate way to diagnose breast cancer.

Med School study deemed unethical

A five-year study performed on premature babies has been deemed unethical by the Public Citizen Health Research Group. The study, funded by the National Institutes […]

Inflammation research receives $10M donation

The Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Immunobiology, which Dean Robert Alpern called one of the best in the country, just got stronger.