Michael Seringhaus
Triangle mystery doesn’t stand up to scrutiny

As I begin my final semester of graduate school, I must report a troubling discovery: Throughout my many years of post-secondary education, I have never […]

Greed has perverted true meaning of ‘patent’

Last fall, the journal Science reported that one-fifth of known human genes have been patented, some as many as 20 times. This surprising result highlights […]

Wal-Mart deal with gays sparks evangelical ire

This holiday season, Wal-Mart faces a boycott. To most Yalies, this is hardly controversial: Our idealistic ivory-tower classmates are rarely enchanted with union-busting, health-care-withholding corporate […]

‘Intellipedia’? CIA jumps on wiki wagon

On Tuesday, with Washington still fighting a Foley Internet hangover, the news wires reported that the U.S. intelligence community is using Intellipedia, a sort of […]

‘Second Life’ not ready to replace first

On Tuesday, Reuters assigned a full-time reporter to cover a virtual-reality environment called Second Life. The news agency will now bring breaking headlines to thousands […]

Republicans are to blame for Foley’s folly

Florida Republican Congressman Mark Foley last week moonwalked away from his special Neverland of alleged man-boy seduction, leaving us to ponder a thorny question: Precisely […]

Aptitude gauges are often skewed

Many years ago, I learned the so-called “Golden Rule” of biochemistry: You get what you assay for. In other words, the result you attain from […]

Technology can breed doomsday scenarios

Early next year, the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will finally commence operation. Buried 100 meters underground near the French-Swiss border, this particle accelerator will […]

‘Snakes’ couldn’t bite after too much hype

The big Hollywood story this week is the underperformance of New Line Cinema’s “Snakes on a Plane.” After months of wild Internet hoopla, the kitschy […]

In-flight nuisances bring travel to new low

Early this morning, as I was trying to sleep on a flight, it struck me that air travel is no fun anymore. Flying today is […]

Let blogger beware: Web prose travels far

I’ve had it with blog users and their double standard of personal privacy. The reasoning goes like this: Bloggers are free to choke the Internet […]