Michael Seringhaus
Plucky villains glamorized in movies, reality

It’s the type of story usually confined to the silver screen: a gang of expert thieves, employing a host of techniques from police impersonation to […]

Yalies must embrace love’s random nature

Setting the stage for Sex Week at Yale, last Friday’s scene section featured an article that claimed Yalies are too busy for relationships (“My so-called […]

Denmark should stand by firebrand cartoonists

The Muslim world is up in arms over cartoons. A bizarre incident involving caricatures of Mohammed in a Danish daily paper has angered Islamic leaders, […]

Road rallies: Not just for millionaires anymore

Imagine tearing up the freeway in an Italian V-12, dodging speed traps and blasting flat-out to a checkpoint. Imagine outrunning carjacking gangs in Latvia, or […]

On TV’s ‘Loser,’ the unlikely happens

Thanks to NBC’s “Biggest Loser,” weight loss has became a spectator sport. The season two finale aired Tuesday, occupying two hours of prime airtime. This […]

NBC’s ‘Three Wishes’ is a parade of embarassing consumerism

Every now and then, something comes along that makes me question the fundamental tenets of consumer society. The most recent catalyst: a new show on […]

The bittersweet melody of racist tunes

This past weekend, a friend pointed me in the direction of a wholly repugnant new music phenomenon. Here’s the pitch: Picture twin 13-year-old California-bred blondes […]

A peculiar afterlife, courtesy of the Web

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to get a jump on Internet haunting. I’m not talking about ghosts posting on message boards or mysterious […]

Your truth or mine? Answer: relativism

Earlier this week, Peter Johnston condemned relativism and suggested that America must “regain the conviction of the exclusivity of truth” (“Shift to relativism spells end […]

Trump-ing a Yale education? Not quite

Forget Harvard: We’re under attack from a new foe. On June 28, Roger Schank wrote that many Yale courses “clearly have no relevance” to our […]

For housing market, a craze belies a crisis

  Hurricane season notwithstanding, it’s hard to watch the news without seeing some report on the housing market. And while real-estate investment never really achieved […]