Michael Seringhaus
My take: Long live Guevara-sporting pre-frosh

Last week, Keith Urbahn ’06 lamented the three — count them, three — pre-frosh he spotted cavorting around this storied campus in politically incorrect left-leaning […]

A digital lexicon that’s English gone wrong

As a bioinformatics scientist, programmer and sometime Internet-security wannabe, I am regularly inundated with tech vernacular. The time has come, in my view, for a […]

Tolerance, sensitivity and respect? Oh my!

Attention, citizens of America. Your nation is on Gay Alert. It’s true: On Jan. 20, MSNBC wire service reported that two Christian groups had issued […]

Election-wise, I’m a stranger in a strange land

As a Canadian living in America, electoral frustration and political impotence are de rigeur for me. Like you natives, we foreign nationals are swamped by […]

When diligent Puritans get lazy, we get ‘New England’

Columbus Day always seems to spur a fair amount of dining-hall debate on the broad issues of imperialism, colonialism and western influence foisted upon poor […]

An adult’s query: Where did all the dinos go?

Walk around Yale these days and you’re likely to find signs for the “Success by Six” campaign. I’ve spotted them throughout the campus, hawking an […]

Golden Record does not send the right message into space

Scientists recently reported that radio transmissions tend to weaken over large distances, leading them to the startling revelation that writing something and mailing it through […]

Scientists, consider where you publish

For scientists, publishing a paper in a respected peer-reviewed journal marks the culmination of successful research. But some of the most prestigious and sought-after journals […]