Maya Weldon-Lagrimas
Staff Reporter
Maya Weldon-Lagrimas currently serves as an editor for YTV, the video journalism desk of the Yale Daily News. She previously served as a staff reporter for YTV and WKND. Originally from the Stockton, California she is a sophomore in Benjamin Franklin College majoring in History and Art.
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Sober at Sigma Nu

When I got into Yale, I felt I had been chosen. I didn’t know if it was fate or pure chance. Either way, I was […]

Ted Cruz visits Yale to speak on free speech

In a live recording of his podcast Verdict, Ted Cruz and his co-host Michael Knowles spoke about freedom of speech and intellectual discourse on college […]

Yale students organize rally in support of Ukraine

Yale Students Go On Blind Dates

On Valentines Day weekend eight Yale students were coupled into four pairs for a filmed, blind date hosted by the WKND desk of the YDN. […]

From Seven Sister Schools to Sexting: A History of Love, Sex and Dating at Yale

Mildred, Maude and Mabel Were sitting at a table Down at the Taft Hotel   Working on a plan to Catch themselves a man to […]

Students weigh in on navigating mental health at Yale under “immense pressure”

Yale students discuss how they manage their mental health while at Yale.

“Not About Kyle” premiers this weekend as the first live Dramat performance since March 2020

“Not About Kyle” written by Ann Zhang ’24 and directed by Samantha Fischer ’24 premiered recently as the first live Dramat performance since March 2020.

Cheers to the WKND: Plague Penicillin

This week’s WKND recipe is Plague Penicillin. Intended to cure the Yale Plague, or the Yague! You must be 21 years of age or older […]

Meet Yale’s Newest Social Club: The Council of Davids

How 42 Yalies sharing the same first name bonded over an undeliverable package.

Climate activists call for Yale and New Haven to act at youth-led rally

On Friday, the youth-led New Haven Climate Movement hosted a rally to push Yale and New Haven City officials to take larger actions in the […]


Real hot girl shit. Or at least that’s what we told ourselves. It was our mantra as we prepared for a year where we could […]