Maya Weldon-Lagrimas
Staff Reporter
Maya Weldon-Lagrimas currently serves as an editor for YTV, the video journalism desk of the Yale Daily News. She previously served as a staff reporter for YTV and WKND. Originally from the Stockton, California she is a sophomore in Benjamin Franklin College majoring in History and Art.
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YTV Profiles: Artist and Yale undergraduate Matt Herriot ‘23 dedicates gap semester to painting

Matt Herriot ‘22 describes how he used his gap semester to paint his home environment. YTV’s Maya Weldon-Lagrimas ‘23 reports.

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As of April 1, everyone over the age of 16 is eligible to receive a vaccine in Connecticut. Students and members of the New Haven […]

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Yale students weigh in on Department of Justice lawsuit

This month, the US Department of Justice sued Yale over alleged discrimination against white and Asian American applicants in the admissions process. YTV spoke to […]

Defining Essential — Yale Staff Try Not to Fall Through the Cracks of the University’s Pandemic Policies

Being essential during a global health crisis  As soon as Shayrhonda Wellons leaves to work in Trumbull College dining hall, she prepares for the moment […]

Pandemic Routines of Yale First Years

Yale First Years report on their quarantine routines during their 14-day stay in their residential colleges.

Apocalypse in California — Coming to You Soon 

When I walked outside of my house in Stockton, California on a late-August afternoon, it was 115 degrees outside. White flecks of ash swirled down […]