Madeline Kaplan
Freshman Power Ranking

Welcome to Yale, class of 2020! Read on for the first installment of the Freshman Power Ranking. 1. Chester P. Farnam, JE ’20 When Chester P. […]

KAPLAN: The Eighth Floor

The Spitzer Building, situated at the corner of Madison and Huron, is rotting from the inside. In 2013, the city of Toledo declared it officially […]

Samantha Bae

Over the last hundred-odd years, we’ve seen lots of “first women.”


On Oct. 3, 1995, O. J. Simpson was found not guilty of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Like millions of Americans, I watched the verdict on television.

Sad Thirty-Somethings Look For Love

Remember winter break? It was a simpler time — three gloriously empty weeks of 24 gloriously empty hours a day, free to be filled with […]

How to Have a Perfect ABC Family Thanksgiving

No one does holidays like ABC Family. Best known for its annual “25 Days of Christmas” programming, the network’s wholesome values and light conflict can […]

MAD TV: What to binge-watch this Thanksgiving break

If I had a nickel for every unoriginal, unfunny sitcom that premiered on network TV in the fall of 2015, I’d be able to afford a full week of Netflix immersion therapy.

Secrets in Seattle

Some books matter because of who’s written them.

Summer TV Was Awesome This Year

The old adage goes: Summer television is the Nick Lachey of programming — it doesn’t usually have a whole lot going on, and what it does offer is more entertainment than art. You could be forgiven for tuning out the thin veneer of diversion that covers the small screen three months a year — every year before 2015, that is. Because unlike most summer hiatuses, this summer offered plenty of inventive and addictive TV.

KAPLAN: Beyond preparation

This beautiful place is beginning to feel like a home.