Welcome to Yale, class of 2020! Read on for the first installment of the Freshman Power Ranking.

1. Chester P. Farnam, JE ’20

When Chester P. Farnam was born in a Monaco summer home in 1998, he was already a winner. When he dies at the age of 133 after his third heart transplant in the warm embrace of his much-younger wife, Chester P. Farnam will still be #1.

2. Irina Stepkovsky, TD ’20

Irina is taking seven credits this semester, including MATH 230, PHYS 260 and the senior essay seminars for EP&E and Modern Greek. She was shortlisted for several major fiction prizes while still in high school, but you already knew that, because she told you.

3. Vivian Kim, MC ’20

Because she’s from New York, Vivian already knows everyone in the freshman class. Still, she claims it’s “actually kind of hard” because she “just wanted to make new friends in college,” even though you and I both know this is a fake concern invented by popular people who wish to appear more relatable.

4. Olivia Dunn, TC ’20

Olivia forgot to buy a rug on move-in day, and now there is nothing to tie her room together.

5. Amar James, SY ’20

  Amar came to college as a pre-med, but decided to abandon his lifelong dream of becoming a doctor within the first 15 minutes of BIOL 101. The next four years will be a roller coaster of intellectual and emotional adventures, until he is forced by default to become an American Studies major.

6. Nadine Radner, SM ’20

On the first night of college Nadine’s suitemates went to a party without her, and now she will never make any friends.