Katerina Karatzia
Festival brings Ecuadorian film talent to New Haven

On Monday night, Ecuadorian filmmaker Fernando Mieles brought his perspective on the unfair detainment of passport-carrying travelers to a film screening co-sponsored by the Whitney […]

Yalie wins Emmy

At 25, most people are just starting to build their careers. But Garth Neustadter MUS ’12, who is working toward a master’s degree in music […]

Rap star K’naan waves a flag for humanity

Celebrity intervention in humanitarian efforts is often looked on through a cynical lens, but last night a panel discussion in the Yale University Art Gallery […]

YUAG shows America’s birth

If a picture can tell 1,000 words, then the exhibition at the Yale University Art Gallery recounts a lengthy, detailed history of America’s early development. […]

Alcauskas brings Evans’s photographs to light

For a moment nearly as brief as the production of a Polaroid photograph, the works of American photographer Walker Evans were brought out on display […]

Bloomberg writes about admissions interviews’ past and future

Many Ivy League alumni interviewers are upset, according to a Bloomberg article published Wednesday. In the article several present and past alumni interviewers cited their […]

Believe in People is back and bigger than ever

Yet another creation of New Haven’s (?) most debated street artist, Believe in People, has been spotted in downtown. The graffito, located in the parking […]

Bruce Wayne went to Yale

So yeah, Batman went to Yale. The latest issue of the Yale Alumni Magazine adds Gotham’s Dark Knight to Yale’s list of alumni. Bruce Wayne […]

Yale ninth on Times Higher Education list

If education was a popularity contest Harvard would come first and Yale would come in…ninth? Times Higher Education has published on Thursday a new list […]

Crow talks art, Pope Pius VII

The Yale Center for British Art became a place of empire, papacy and painting Wednesday. Thomas Crow, the former chairman of the History of Art […]

Harvard students spell

Harvard freshmen are quick in their bid for “glory.” So glory, glory was what drove hordes of Harvard students to Queen’s Head Pub in Cambridge […]