Katerina Karatzia
Apparently college admissions officers look at Facebook

Hi, all you high school seniors out there, it’s time to hide those scandalous photos on your Facebooks. All Facebook, “The Unofficial Facebook Resource,” reported […]

‘Breakup Notifier’ alum creates new love app for Facebook

Who needs superman when you have Dan Loewenherz ’09? Yale alum and creator of banned Facebook app “Breakup Notifier” comes once more to the rescue […]

Russian piano recordings played for first time

Priceless restored recordings of Russian piano pieces from the turn of the century were played for the first time ever Wednesday in William L. Harkness […]

Yalie develops relationship stalker Facebook app

Ever wondered what your high school crush is up to? How about your cute lab partner? After Facebook’s ingeniously creepy Friendship Pages, the social networking […]

Gallery opens student-curated show “Embodied”

Student-organized art exhibitions are not the norm at the Yale University Art Gallery, but a rare one did open there this past Friday. The gallery […]

Yale Twitter problems

Girl follows guy, guy follows girl but neither follows @jamesfranco. As part of a catching trend among Ivies (See @IvyKidProblems), Yale has two new fake […]

Good thing we’re “super-elite”

We didn’t need the latest study to tell us that Yale graduates have good career prospects, but apparently Columbia, MIT and Dartmouth graduates are not […]

Yalies on board plane struck by lightning

UPDATED: 12:12 a.m. Yalies flying from Philadelphia to New Haven Friday had a rocky start to the semester. US Airways Flight 4507 was hit by […]

Singing scientists in new YouTube video

That’s why I chose chemical engineering? A video about the history of chemical engineering at Yale and the department was posted to YouTube Nov. 28. […]

Goldberg talks performance art

At her talk at the School of Art on Monday, art historian curator and critic RoseLee Goldberg presented an abridged history of performance art, from […]

Pataki ’67 for prez?

Will George Pataki ’67 be the next Yale-educated President of the United States? In a recent ABC “Top Line” segment, former-New York Governor and past […]